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Divorce and family laws deal with things you truly care about. Our clients are often overwhelmed with emotions and anxiety when they come to our office. This is understandable as is it’s one of the most difficult times of their lives. Divorce lawyers in Miami care about the outcome and all the lives affected by this unfortunate ending.

With years of hard work Gallardo law Firm is able to approach every situation with an exceptional understanding and concern. Our divorce lawyers in Miami focus on the positive and work diligently to help you move forward.

Divorce Lawyers in Miami Dedicated To Meeting Your Needs

Divorce lawyers are the individuals who carefully handle a wide variety of family law issues, some of which stem from divorce including dissolution of marriage, visitation rights, among others. Divorce can be a stressful process, which is never recommended to perform without the right legal representation from a divorce attorney. You need help from divorce lawyers in Miami in order to ensure that your rights are respected and protected. Divorce lawyers can help you in these stressful situations by handling everything for you including the separation of property, child support and many others issues that may require contacting your ex-spouse.

Having a lawyer representing you can help create safe boundaries between you and your spouse. Also, without legal help and representation, it is possible for the other party to take advantage of your rights and take more than their fair share of property, money, custody and anything else before the process has been finalized.

  • Division Property: Amongst most things that occur while filing a divorce, the division of joint property or goods can be one of the most stressful parts of a divorce when the individual doesn’t seek professional assistance from a divorce lawyer in Miami.
  • Child Custody: Child custody is when children are involved in a marriage that is in the process of being dissolute. The process itself can take an emotional and mental toll on the parents as well. This is one of the most quarrelsome elements in divorce. Divorce lawyers in Miami from a reputable law firm such as Gallardo Law Firm can help both parents work together to do what’s best for their children.
  • Child Support: Before a divorce is finalized, both parties should be aware of how much child support they will be required to pay. This can only be done through a divorce attorney in Miami who has experience with child support cases.
  • Time Sharing with Children :Time sharing is the amount of time given to each parent with their child once a divorce has been finalized. An attorney can help secure and guarantee the time spent with your child.
  • Alimony: Alimony can be very hard to deal with once you have ended all ties with your spouse. Divorce lawyers or divorce attorneys can help minimize the effects or the amount of money you will need to provide to your spouse.

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney is crucial in a Divorce Process in Miami

Once you have made a decision to get a divorce, finding the right divorce attorney is the next most important step. One of our qualified divorce lawyers can help you through these sometimes contentious and stressful cases. Because divorce laws vary from state to state, it is important to obtain legal representation and the advice from a local attorney or team of lawyers from an established firm such as Gallardo Law Firm to help you execute this process efficiently and help you expedite your case. Divorces can be fairly tricky and hold many loopholes through which your spouse can go through in order to get his or her way. You may also want to hire an attorney who specializes in divorce or family law and has experience in these types of cases.

Going through a divorce

The proceedings for a divorce vary depending on court ruling. Divorce lawyers in Miami know that the judges generally consider the safety of the child above everything else. Once the custody lawyers finished the preliminary discussions, they will present the case to the judge. During the hearing, the judge will rule depending on the facts and past precedents. Depending on the situation, the judge may rule against a past precedent.

Lawyers offer divorce advice for women as well. Women without children, for example, can highlight incidents of infidelity, as well as marital abuse. When such events don’t exist, women can emphasize the wage gap between them and their spouses or their financial contributions to the marriage. Divorce advice for women with children usually focuses on the proximity to school and the age of the child. If the child is a nursing baby, most courts will award child custody to the mother. They will also have the husband pay alimony. These women should also emphasize their long contributions to the marriage, including the unpaid labor of raising children, etc.

Filing for divorce in Florida

When filing for a divorce in the state of Florida you will have a few requirements and steps to follow. It’s important to remember that each circuit court in the Sunshine State has its own requirements. The first thing you just do is preparing your forms. Make sure you have the right forms. The form is called Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The person filing for the divorce is the petitioner and the other spouse is the respondent. The state of Florida doesn’t have a fault-based divorce. The only thing you need to show is that your marriage is permanently broken or that one of the spouses is mentally disabled for at least three years. Filing the divorce means to actually give the petition for dissolution of marriage to the clerk’s office. The petition needs to be notarized and a filing fee paid. In case that the spouse is in another country you will have to get in touch with the sheriff’s office of the country where your spouse resides.

More about Family Law and Divorce

Family law revolves around a broad range of legal topics including a family or group of individuals who are legally considered family, and domestic relations. These issues can include but are not limited to divorce, adoption, paternity, child support, spousal support, protection from abuse, etc. Most family law proceedings come as a result of a termination of a romantic relationship or marriage. Divorce lawyers or family law attorneys can help their clients file for divorce or separation, child custody, alimony, support, and visitation. Individuals who have been married for a short period of time have the option of annulment. A common issue in family law cases is the division of property.

Grounds for dissolution of marriage

The matter of reasons for divorce it’s not any longer what it used to be. Florida, like most states, it’s a no-fault state. A divorce can be terminated either by annulment or by dissolution. Dissolution can be approved on these grounds:

  • The marriage is permanently broken. All that’s required is to prove that the marriage is legitimate and one of the spouses believes that the relationship cannot longer continue.
  • One of the spouses has been mentally disabled for a three year period.

Although it’s not required to use destructive behaviors such as cruelty, adultery, criminal behavior, etc. as grounds for divorce, these aspects can influence the ultimate divorce agreement and financial benefits the spouse may receive. For instance, domestic violence can have a bad impact on child custody.

Types of Divorce handled by Divorce Lawyers in Miami

Although divorce generally involves two individuals who are trying to dissolute or break apart a legal marriage, there is more than one type of divorce. Divorce can occur for different reasons, each requiring its own process.

The most commonly used divorce type is known as the “no-fault” divorce. This type of divorce does not require any legitimate explanation as to why the marriage didn’t have a positive outcome. Instead, couples state several compatibility issues, which have led the marriage to its downfall. There are also divorce cases that may require someone to be at fault. For example, if a husband has a gambling problem and bet all of the money from the savings account causing his spouse to experience financial hardships, the husband is at fault. He is responsible for the problems caused in the marriage and will be served with divorce papers. Once you have hired a divorce attorney from one of our experienced divorce lawyers at Gallardo Law Firm, be sure to ask them for advice about which specific type of divorce is best for you.

Going through a divorce in Miami

Average Cost of a Divorce

Divorce costs are generally different in each state, along with the laws and regulations. However, the average cost of a divorce with legal intervention or help and guidance from an experienced attorney is approximately $250 an hour.

Because going Pro Se (representing yourself in court) in a court system is only advisable under specific circumstances, hiring an attorney is often the best solution for you. Although this option is more expensive, it will definitely save you from making mistakes or being taken advantage of.

The average cost from filling a divorce in the state of Florida varies from county to county. Filing a petition for divorce will cost about $400 which is paid at the time the paperwork is filed. Individuals, who are unable to pay this fee, may apply for a waiver through filing an application for a civil indigency waiver. Other fees may include a summons costing around $50, picking up the required forms at the clerk’s office for about $20 or they can be printed online for free. Some attorneys in Florida can review these forms and make sure they are filled correctly for around $150-$500, depending on the lawyer. If everything works out you may be able to get the divorce for right around $600. However, divorces are generally complicated and they

Divorce lawyers for men: protecting your rights

Men also suffer when going through a divorce. A man can lose his income, house, and kids altogether if he is not familiar with divorce laws and rules. Divorce lawyers for men are essential since men have generally been treated unfairly in court. This all started when the ‘no-fault’ divorce began in the 1960’s and the changing gender roles, as women began working outside home. Laws changed to allow easier divorce. More women filed for divorce and men were losing their homes, custody of children, and now men had to pay alimony to their ex-spouses.

Affordable divorce lawyers in Miami to represent your case

There are some papers that, when not properly filed, can be disadvantageous to your case. Visit Gallardo Law Firm to seek professional advice from one of our qualified divorce attorneys. You may be able to receive some benefits. Our dedicated matrimonial attorneys will carefully review your information and carry you through the process of filing your petition for divorce.

divorce papers

At Gallardo Law Firm, we provide legal representation in family cases and in others areas of the law, including criminal law and bankruptcy. All of our legal counselors are passionate and knowledgeable about their areas of practice. They are truly concerned and always act in their clients’ best interests.

If you need to hire the services of a Miami divorce attorney you are welcomed to come to our office. You will never feel belittled or judged when you allow us to aid you in your time of need. They also offer online legal advice in their website with advice for future clients about their rights. Family law attorneys also know how to deal with cases involving marital abuse.

Question Answer about Failure to Comply with Divorce Judgment in Miami

Frequently Questions and Answers about Divorce in Miami

Yes. You can, however, this is generally not advised. Divorce cases can be very delicate and complex. This is why a divorce lawyer or family law attorney is always recommended. It all depends on the reasons why you are filing for dissolution of marriage which may or may not benefit self-representation in court.
If you and your spouse are disputing custody and financial issues, it is highly recommended that you find the legal advice and protection of a divorce attorney from a good firm such as Gallardo law Firm. If you have a complicated case, or you simply do not know how to continue with your case on your own, seek legal assistance immediately.
You may file for divorce in a county courthouse or a family court in the location or town where you reside or you may also file in the county in which your spouse resides.
There are many reasons why a marriage does not work such as abuse, adultery, impotency or addiction. Although these are not the only reasons leading to a divorce, they are some of the most common ones when filing for a divorce.
This specific type of divorce is used when a marriage has gone too far beyond repair but neither spouse takes the blame for it. This type of divorce is often known as “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” where one or both parties can file for divorce through their irresoluble differences.
Not necessarily. You do need to choose the reasons why you are filing for divorce yet you can simply state that you and your spouse have compatibility issues.
It is highly suggested that individuals seek legal advice the very moment they consider divorce as a viable option. This can help avoid any confusions or misunderstandings between both parties and can also help protect the rights and limitations of each party.
No. Married couples can choose to live separate lives but remain legally married due to personal, religious or financial reasons along with the concern for their children and the avoidance of custody issues.