Questions about Family Law

Am I entitled to file for divorce in Florida?. The Family Lawyer Leisy Jimenes answers some question about Family Law and divorce.

Transcription of the family lawyer's response: Hi, my name is Leisy Jimenez. I’m an attorney here in the state of Florida and I have been practicing most of the time for family law. I have been receiving a lot of questions from my own clients and lately through e-mail and the website through the divorce proceedings. And one of the common questions I have received is this one: If you are entitled to be divorced in Florida? Yeah, you and your spouse have to be living in the state of Florida for the last 6 months in order to be able to divorce in here. And then it comes what is venial, that you cannot file, for example, in Broward if you live in Miami Dade County. You have to file in Miami Dade County or your spouse who have to be living in Miami Dade County in the last 6 months.