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Filing bankruptcy is often viewed as a scary thing. This is not necessarily true. Sometimes life takes detours and things just happen. Remember you are trying to build a stable financial future. If you don’t do something about your current circumstances, things will not get better.

Why Hire A Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The bankruptcy process can be less a stressful process with the help of a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer. Many individuals and business owners in the United States are involved in hundreds of debts that just hinder their economic stability.

Being advised by a Miami bankruptcy lawyer is oftentimes the key to successfully completing the bankruptcy process and get back on your feet.

Financial problems are inevitable but you must remain calm and seek professional help from a Miami bankruptcy lawyer. Our bankruptcy attorneys know the federal laws in the state of Florida and can help you achieve your desired economic recovery.

Representation from a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer vs debt collector harassment

When falling behind on bill payments for medical bills, credit cards, mortgage, or any other debt, you open the door for debt collection harassment. Collection agencies can be quite annoying when trying to recover the money owned to creditors. They are notorious for violating the rules against unceasing and hostile phone calls.

Hiring a lawyer can stop this harassment. It’s not wise ignoring debt collectors. They could take legal action against you, sue you, and win judgment. This will eventually cost you more time and money than hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

Pros and cons of bankruptcy

It’s important to know the pros and cons of bankruptcy before making the final decision. The following information will help you understand what you are getting into:


  • Unless you pay them off before filing, you will lose all your credit cards. You will also have to give up some commodities.
  • You can’t get involved in a mortgage in about 5 years.
  • Debts such as student loans and back taxes will not get discharged in a bankruptcy.
  • It can be a little embarrassing and your name will be in court records.
  • You will have to explain how you got into the mess.
  • It’ll be a while until you are able to apply for a credit card again.


  • Filing for bankruptcy will stop collection actions by creditors.
  • You will not end up homeless as most states allow you to exempt your home, car and other necessities.
  • When declaring bankruptcy you have a chance to build up your credit and your life sooner.
  • Although student loans will still remain there, at least your lenders will be prevented from hostile collection action. You will also be protected from being sued or having your car repossessed, home foreclosed, etc.
  • Judges and trustees had to deal with worst cases than yours.
  • Although credit cards led you to get into a mess, they can also help you get out quickly as well.

What Can Gallardo Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer?

Bankruptcy attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm can offer a number of benefits when you decide to file for bankruptcy:

  • A detailed review of your particular case
  • They can help you find out which chapter is most suitable for you, such as chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcies.
  • They will determine the financial status of each individual in order to fight for the best discharge possible.
  • For businesses that declare bankruptcy, having the help of a lawyer is the best solution to solving their financial issues. Having the experience and knowledge of a bankruptcy attorney is essential. The attorney will be present in court on reporting, defending your company’s rights and so on. Besides, they will try to find a practical alternative to cope with the debt when bankruptcy is not the best option. They will negotiate a payment plan with creditors without having to go to federal court.
  • As soon as you hire your bankruptcy attorney, they will completely eliminate the daily harassment from creditors.

Bankruptcy attorneys in Miami from Gallardo law Firm provide high quality legal aid and the highest standard of security, respect, and integrity to our clients; while achieving the best possible discharge of your debts.

Taking action with a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer advice

Miami bankruptcy lawyers play a key role in the process of helping individuals recuperate from their current financial crisis. Gallardo Law Firm has attorneys throughout the state of Florida helping clients solve their financial problems. They will furnish you with a thorough explanation of the bankruptcy law and its benefits. Do not be afraid to file for bankruptcy, it may be the best solution to improving your current economic situation.

Taking action with a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer

It is important to work with bankruptcy attorneys from the start because they know the laws of Florida and can help you restore your finances in the shortest time possible. They will help you reduce your debts and stop the persecution of creditors. Bankruptcy can be a complicated legal process that requires the expertise of an attorney. When you come to Gallardo Law Firm, our attorneys will provide you with the personalized aid needed to determine which type of bankruptcy best fits your unique financial circumstances. Many individuals seek the help of bankruptcy organizers (non-lawyers) to complete bankruptcy forms because they might be a little cheaper than lawyers. However, they do not have the legal provisions necessary to represent them before a judge in a bankruptcy court.

In the case of a business, they are allowed to represent themselves in bankruptcy and will need the legal aid of a skilled bankruptcy lawyer. Our Miami bankruptcy attorneys can also help you in obtaining and reestablishing your credit after bankruptcy. These two processes are important and each individual has the right to move on after filing for bankruptcy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy

There are a few examples of ways collection agencies can cross the line and you have the right to send them a certified letter stating that you are being harassed. In order to avoid liability they will either offer to cancel the debt or settle at a fair rate.

Some examples of ‘crossing the line’ include:

  • Use violence or threatening to harm your reputation, take away your property, etc.
  • Use disrespectful or obscene language.
  • Misrepresenting the collection agency by saying they call on behalf of state or federal government or false implication saying they are a lawyer or law enforcement officer.
  • Giving wrong information about the amount of money owned.
  • Insinuating that failing to pay the debts will result in arrest or imprisonment.
  • Constant calls.

Some tips that will help you through the whole process include:

  • Assessing your finances: Find out more about what caused the financial problem and what to do in order to avoid the same issues in the future.
  • Pull a free credit report: This will help you find out more about all the creditors you owe. All these creditors should be included in the bankruptcy process.
  • Get a credit counseling certificate as soon as you can. This is one of the pre-filing requirements for bankruptcy. You must get the certificate from a government certified counseling agency.
  • Hire an attorney: This is probably one of the wisest things you can do. Attorneys know way more than you about how things work in the legal system.
Yes, it’s possible getting them but we don’t encourage self-representation. This will leave your case open for possible serious or permanent error. Capable legal counsel is always best. If you would like to get familiar with these forms, click here.

Under the new law, you must seek credit counseling, unless you have received counseling from an approved nonprofit agency. The law will only exempt individuals unable to comply due to disability, incapacity, or active military duty.

Bankruptcy cases work on an individual basis. It’s not like owning a property where both spouses are in it together. A bankruptcy will only affect the person filing. It won’t affect the spouse not-filing. Spouses have different names and social security numbers therefore their financial lives are independent in the credit bureau’s eyes. However, if you are a co-debtor, the creditor will definitely look at you for payments. Ask more an attorney from Gallardo Law Firm about what to do in this situation.

You will not have to go to court. There is a section 341 Meeting of the Creditors that you will have to attend but since no one ever shows up you will probably have to hire a lawyer. These meetings take around 10 minutes and no special preparation is required.

Maybe you will be able to keep some credit cards but just remember that the trustee will request that you cut up all your credit cards. After you file, you should not charge anything on your credit cards. The goal is going debt free. If you are not indebted with a particular creditor perhaps you can keep their credit card. However, first check with your attorney.
A bankruptcy will definitely hurt your ability to get credit in the future. This will appear on your credit records for ten years. The best thing to do is to pay the bills as agreed. Bankruptcy will not get rid of your bills; it only helps you with some responsibilities. Perhaps you are lucky enough to find a creditor that may be able to overlook your past financial status.