Personal Injury Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions

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What is considered a personal injury?

Personal injury law involves the legal defenses and remedies in civil lawsuits that are filed by a private individual known as “plaintiff” against a person who is accused of contributing to the injury. Learn More

Am I entitled to file a claim?

You are entitled if you have been injured in an accident that was another person's fault and not your own via recklessness or negligence. Learn More

Can I file a claim if I am partly to blame for the accident?

Yes. You can still file a personal injury claim, with the help of a personal injury lawyer, even if you are partially at fault when the authorities assign a majority of the blame to the other party. Learn More

Does it matter what type of attorney I hire for my personal injury case?

Yes. You must hire a Miami personal injury lawyer from a respectable firm such as Gallardo Law Firm if you have been injured or a loved one has died in an accident. Learn More

What will I need to tell my lawyer about my case?

The date that the accident occurred, who caused it, the location where it transpired, how it began, and what type of injuries you sustained, are all important questions you need to ask your attorney. Learn More

How long do these cases take?

The amount of time your case will take to be resolved will depend on the nature of your injuries and the facts of your case. Learn More

Can I receive compensation for pain and suffering?

Yes. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on whether your pain is minimal, moderate or severe. Learn More

What does statute of limitations mean?

The statute of limitations is the amount of time that you are allowed to file a lawsuit against someone who hurt you. A Miami personal injury lawyer can help you determine the appropriate time limit for your particular case and will take legal action on your behalf within the established time frame. Learn More

Who can sue in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Florida's wrongful death statute makes it hard on individuals that have been affected by the death of a loved one to recover compensation for their damages and losses in this kind of lawsuit, except a skilled attorney is representing them. Learn More

What if the person who caused an injury does not have insurance?

Whenever possible, your attorney can collect damages beyond the available insurance. Learn More

What Is It To File Suit?

The client authorizes to proceed with the lawsuit when all other options have been spent. Learn More

Can I get compensation for personal injury if I had some blame for what happened?

In some areas, people cannot get compensation if the negligence did not contribute entirely to the injuries sustained. The majority of jurisdictions hold that the affected party can still receive compensation if they were part of the blame for the damages, which can result in a decrease of the amount in compensation to be awarded to the victim. Learn More

Who will pay my medical bills?

This depends on what type of coverage is available and what kind of insurance the provider is accepting. Our office will be in contact with your medical provider and the insurance company to expedite the payment of your bills. We can also assist arrange financing alternatives to cover the bills. Learn More

What should I do after an accident?

First, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to know your rights and options. Second, you need to call the police and report the accident. Third, you should report the accident to your car insurance. Do not discuss the accident with anybody but a doctor and your personal injury lawyer. It is also important to refrain from signing any settlement or statements to an insurance company. Learn More