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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Malpractice in Miami

Due to the enormous size of the pharmaceutical industry and the amount of capital invested in new medicines, drugs are often hastily put on the market without going through the proper tests that must be submitted, resulting in serious injury or death. When there are personal injury due to pharmaceutical drugs, whether prescription or non prescription you may be entitled to financial compensation for damages.

The drugs sold in the U.S. must be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), and unfortunately, the FDA often tests drugs improperly before the products are released to the public. Sometimes the warning labels of medicines contain inadequate or misleading information, which causes patients to abuse drugs improperly.

We took the drug on the recommendation of our doctors, trusting our health and well-being of pharmaceutical companies and their products. Unfortunately, injuries caused by defective pharmaceutical drugs are all too common and rather than drugs that improve our quality of life, actually cause serious injury or wrongful death.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The Food and Drug Administrations is responsible for regulating and approving all prescription drugs. It is an agency within the U.S. Health Department in-charge in protecting the public health by securing the human drugs, medical devices, food supplies and other products. The medical manufactures often put some pressure on the FDA to expedite their products consequently resulting in that some drugs are not analyzed properly without understanding the drug’s side effect and interactions to other drugs, then patients continue suffering serious injury or death. Even so, medical healthcare professionals and/or manufactures might be liable for prescribing medications that are not safe.

Injuries caused by Defective Drugs

Big Pharmaceutical companies often release drugs to market before fully realize their long-term side effects. Consumers are the ones who are affected caused by inadequately tested drugs injuries, such as:

  • Heart-Attacks
  • Cerebrovascular Accident due to bleeding
  • Diabetes
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Damage to internal organs
  • The depression, which can lead to an increased risk of suicide

Regardless of the extent of the Pharmaceutical Malpractice, you may be entitled to remuneration. Even in an insignificant form, pharmaceutical injury can lead to medical bills, lost salaries, and others. Responsible parties should be accountable for them, and they are the medical provider, the pharmacist and the manufacturer.

Responsibility for Pharmaceutical Injury Lawsuits

Usually malpractice claims in cases of pharmaceutical injury are going to be responded by:

  • The Drug-maker (manufacturer): When the appropriate research and drug tests are not performed, or if the company tries to hide the dangerous side effects of the drug. In this case, a claim of defective products would stand.
  • The Pharmacist: If a medicine recipe is issued with the wrong medication or dose, which will result in a medical malpractice claim.
  • The Doctor: If a doctor prescribes a drug to a patient that others in the profession would not, negligence can be the basis for a medical malpractice claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Pharmaceutical injury lawyers working in medical malpractice cases due to pharmaceutical injury play an important role for many people who are victims of negligence committed by the major pharmaceutical companies in Miami.

Personal injury attorneys have the necessary resources to prosecute pharmaceutical injury disputes with the personal attention and respect the clients deserve. Pharmaceutical Malpractice cases often associate with personal injury and wrongful death claims of people who experienced unwanted secondary effects or an unfavorable drug reaction while using a prescription medication. It is important to work from the beginning with medical malpractice case attorneys because they know the Florida laws and can guide you establish your process in the shortest possible time, and after that you are fairly compensated for the financial losses since the recovering from medical malpractice injury is more expensive due to new medical expenses which must be faced. Medical malpractice cases can become a complicated legal process that requires some attention by lawyers, who can help you successfully dispute your claim.

Gallardo Law Firm and Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyer

Gallardo Law Firm and Gallardo Attorneys have been defending the rights of customers who have chosen to represent them in cases of medical negligence on pharmaceutical injury in Miami, Florida.

They will deliver compelling strategies geared toward achieving the best resolution for your case. Our attorneys are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge in various types of medical malpractice cases. Medical Malpractice turns out to be a process which can be painful and overwhelming for many people. In Gallardo we will handle all types of pharmaceutical errors, either the fault of the doctor, pharmacist or drug manufacturer, and will find the answers to your particular case; we take time to understand how your injuries have affected your health and your life.

A medical malpractice incident can be devastating for the injured and the whole family, particularly because healthcare professionals are to be trustworthy and are expected to provide high quality of care. Our lawyers will be able to use every lawful resource to prove your case and help you in recuperating from the losses in connection to the medical negligence or pharmaceutical injury.

Gallardo Lawyers are committed to holding negligent healthcare professionals accountable for their actions, so when you need a confidential consultation you can contact us at Gallardo Law Firm.

Pharmaceutical malpractice means that a pharmacist dispenses a wrong medication, or a wrong dosage, no specifications of the interactions with other drugs consequently resulting in injury or death to a consumer. This could happen because the drug was not tested or analyzed properly or the manufacturer did not provide the physician that prescribed the drugs with the appropriate warnings to the patients who consumed them.
You might have a case. If the prescription was filled incorrectly, or the pharmacist gives the incorrect medication or dose the pharmacist or the doctor will be liable for this situation. If the medication causes illnesses or serious side effects the drug manufacturer is held accountable.
In the hurry to get products to market, pharmaceutical companies do not use the necessary time for a medicine trial, or do not publish certain side effects because they did not analyze the medication properly or researchers failed to disclose important findings that arise after products are on the market.
You should read the labels carefully because they might consist of elements you should not take. You also need to be careful in case you are already taking other drugs and interact with the new medication. You might also have an allergic reaction if this is the first time you try the medication or not be correct for your symptoms. You can always ask the pharmacist for help.
You might still file a claim against the drug manufacturers since the doctor did not prescribe the medication.
While one of the duties of the Food and Drug Administration is protecting American consumers from defective drugs, the FDA often inadequately examined drugs before they reach the market. Though pharmaceutical companies must exhaustively test their drugs, the amount of money invested in their products makes from time to time without thoroughly researching the possible side effects of the drug rush off to the market, causing great damage to their consumers.
As more pharmaceutical companies trying to conceive wonder drugs to address even the most minimal health problems, the prevalence of dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical injuries increase.