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How Does A Slip And Fall Case Work?
By Greta Gonzalez On Jul 09, 2018

In slip and fall cases, your lawyer has to prove that the owner of the premises was negligent to maintain the property and that negligence caused the injury. Learn more in this video....

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?
By Greta Gonzalez On Jul 09, 2018

After an accident, you may have questions regarding your claim, the legal process to follow and your rights. A personal injury lawyer is the right person to deal with the insurance company and protect your legal rights....

How Can A Lawyer Help Me In A Car Accident?
By Greta Gonzalez On Jul 09, 2018

The legal expertise of a lawyer is crucial to increase the chances to recover fair compensation after a car accident....

Motorcycle Accident: How Can A Lawyer Help Me?
By Greta Gonzalez On Jul 09, 2018

Motorcycle Accidents are often more dangerous than a car accident. Retaining a lawyer can help you prove that the driver was negligent and recover the damages you deserve....

Meet our Civil Attorney Greta González
By Greta Gonzalez On Apr 10, 2018

Greta specializes in personal injury, car accident and other civil litigation cases. She possesses strong negotiating skills and works hard to succeed in the competitive field of civil litigation....