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How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?

On 12 Oct, 2017

    How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take? Attorney Elvis John Adan talks about the different stages of a workers’ comp case and an average of days that a workers comp settlement will take, depending on the gravity of the injury and the timing of your case.

    Video Transcription: The first thing that an attorney will do to get to a settlements is file a petition for benefits on your behalf asking for whatever medical benefits you're entitled to. Once that is done, then the court issues orders where we have mediation within a certain amount of time and then if we can't get resolved the mediation, a trial within a certain amount of time. The hopes is that if we get to a mediation, we can resolve it, then the amount of time that we have to do that is in 130 days, depending also on the injury. If the injury is a very serious injury, then it could take longer because we do not want to settle your case while you're still getting treatment because then you would be responsible for payments of that treatment. So it all depends on the seriousness of your injury and timing of the case.