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Why the state doesn’t release records on FIU bridge collapse

It’s been a while since the FIU bridge collapse, but its ghosts are still haunting South Florida. Who is truly responsible for this disaster? Why is the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) trying to block the release of the records that ...

What happens when you get pulled over for a DUI?

What happens when you get pulled over for a DUI? This infographic is a visual guide where you will find relevant information about what to do during a DUI arrest. Our experts recommend in those cases the following: pull over properly, stay in the car, don’t act suspicious, follow instructions...

What should I do after a car accident?

Many people ask themselves the same question: "What should I do after a car accident?". Here is an infographic with useful information about auto accidents.

Bill Cosby is Innocent! Until proven guilty anyway

Bill Cosby, once beloved TV dad and America’s father figure, is more recognized for his high profile sexual assault case than for his glittering sitcom career. Brought to light by comedian Hannibal Burress in a video which went viral in 2014, over 50 alleged victims came forward (...) Despite the media coverage, victim’s profiles, and overall public opinion,

Miami Ranks 5th Worst City to Drive in the U.S.

It’s official, Miami, Florida has the 10th worst traffic congestion in all the world, and the 5th worst in cities in the United States, according to a study by INRIX, Inc., the foremost leader in car services and transportation analytics. Up from number 14 in 2015, Miami natives spent an average...

Immigrants Fear Deportation

On Trump’s orders, more than 600 undocumented immigrants were arrested over the weekend across 11 states. President Trump took to his Twitter on Sunday, “The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers and others are being removed!” Now, more than in recent history, undocumented immigrants should...

Changes to Immigration Could Hurt Employment

Chain migration is a term to describe a pattern of migration where immigrants go from town to town or state to state, usually following seasonal work. Enter the RAISE Act, “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment” proposed by republican senators Tom Cotton and David Purdue, which promises to reduce the total number of green cards issued annually

Beyonce’s Pregnant! Time to think about Estate Planning

In news that sent the self-proclaimed beyhive into frenzy, Beyoncé and Jay-Z revealed they are expecting twins! With the birth of the twins rapidly approaching, it’s time for the family to re-evaluate their estate planning strategies. In one of life’s many juxtapositions, it may seem morbid to some to plan for...