“First of all I have to say Thank You! - Elvis knows what he is doing and is great at it. His assistant Gabriela is great and very nice. They never took more then 12hrs to get back to me even if it was a call or email or text. Elvis is busy man and still answer all my questions helped me and even when i was worried and nervous help me get thru the case. I was new to this and had a million questions. Neither his assistant or him where ever bother by me. We Won the Case and where satisfy with the results. He even traveled to Tampa to have the case with me without a problem. They are bilingual which is awesome and just overall great customer service. I would definitely recommend Elvis for your case. Thank You Both Again. The answering service when you call is also great! I didn't have to once go to his office since is was 4hrs away. He accommodated everything to my convenience.”

“My Car Accident case. As a Legal Studies student, I'm very picky or as some may say very "demanding" when it came to choosing an attorney for my car accident issue. I was very content and pleased with the level of comfort and professionalism that Leisy provided me with. It felt very good to not only find someone who listened to my huge dilemma, but to actually be provided with SOLUTIONS. She is the reason why I was able to get a very good settlement and didn't have to wait forever to receive it!”

"Early last year, I had the worse fall in my life at a supermarket by my house. I had severe pain throughout my whole back, sprained my ankle, and was in a severe depression for a couple of months. The most intense pain wasn't so much my ankle and back, it was my confidence in me. I stepped out of the gym and could not be active for about 4-5 months. To begin with, I had to quit my part time as a skating instructor. Luckily, I found this firm. I was really disillusioned that there might not be a way to find a solution. I not only got my money back for all the time I loss from work but I also got money from the terrible discomfort that I went grateful I came across this place, not only did my attorney help solve this huge case of mine but I have had also remained friends with a couple of the attentive employees.”

“The Gallardo Law Firm is very professional and very helpful. I am very satisfied with the Lawyer Irene Romero who have done all the process of my paperwork since the beginning and her assistant Yesenia for all the attention and all the help you had gave to me through the whole process.The Front Desk it is great. Excellent service.”

“We would like to take the time to express our gratitude to Gallardo Law Firm and their staff, but especially to Dr. John Sherman, we felt that he took our case very seriously. He has worked very hard with great passion and dedication. He possesses great listening skills, he was able to analyse and follow our complex testimonies with great interest. Dr. Sherman did research effectively to understand the case and our needs, and prepared the best legal strategies to drive this case to a successful finish. Dr. Sherman identified the areas of weakness in our arguments and in the opposition's arguments and he supported it with great evidences for our benefit. He was always in constant communication with us, giving us the best legal advices. The date of our hearing, Dr. Sherman proved to be a very valuable lawyer in the courtroom, with limited time he was able to provide all the necessary evidences and asked the correct questions with creativity and judgement, he was aggressive, smart and honest. Dr Sherman has done a great job for our family, I'm very pleased to say that I would happily recommend Dr. John Sherman as a lawyer; Gallardo Law Firm should be honored to have Dr. John Sherman as one of their Associates.”

“Gallardo Law Firm is a great firm. They did everything in their right to help me with my parental documents. They even were nice enough to give me a good payment plan to make sure I was happy & satisfied, & most importantly, not broke. Everyone was very nice! In the end...WE WON the case! Thank you Gallardo & my attorney John for all your help.

“My brother's Immigration Experience....Last year, my brother came from Venezuela and was completely unaware in how to get a temporary worker visa. He didn't know how to get one or what to do. We were happy that our cousin recommended to us to Carmen. She walked us through the process, I was able to help him out and luckily for a reasonable price. This month, he finally got his papers he needed to finally work here. Thank you Gallardo for all your help!”

“Excellent customer service, they are very professional, helpful and kind. They do not put you on hold like other firms do. They take care of you in real time.My attorney Elvis has been great, he has a passion for his profession, he listens and answers to all of your questions, he is very polite, clean and neat. Very honest and don't make you waste your time. I highly recommend this Firm!!!!!!!!”

“I had some doubts when starting the procedures of claiming my wife and son, was a complicated case for some details as to the child, as soon as I met with Attorney Irene and her super effective, fast and very profecional assistant Yesenia I realized that I would do the right thing by hiring them and the results gave me the reason, in only 8 months we were quoted for interview with all the documentation prepared, thank you for your help and profecionalidad.”

“Divorces can be very difficult. During the holidays of 2014, I had a very emotional and hard break up which concluded in a divorce with my wife of 5 years. I was in total shock that we were planning to go through with such a life changing step. I was more overwhelmed in what to do next, who to contact and how we can find mutual agreement. I came across Gallardo Law firm and was instantly drawn by the immense attention Carmen and the staff gave me. I would recommend this firm to anyone, without this place I would've been a huge down point in my life(not knowing how to divide the house, the two cars and my 2 year old daughter.) The whole procedure has been hard to get used to, but I'm glad I didn't have to do this alone. Thank you Carmen for not only helping me but my future with my kids, with your legal advice during this very tough time”

“The family department at Gallardo Law Office and their litigation team superseded my expectations.I will recommend them to any person going through a custody battle. The mother of my minor child was not allowing me to relocate with my son to another state thanks to to Gallardo Law Office I am able now to move with my minor child to another state I will start a new life with my little one I am so happy because what it appears to be so difficult they were able to get it they were able to demonstrate to the judge every single live from the mother of my minor child great job I will always be thankful to know I am ready to move on. Thank you so much Gallardo Law Office.”