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What happens when a worker’s comp claim has been denied? Can they withhold your benefits? At Gallardo Law Firm we can handle your denied claim and use our knowledge regarding the laws to attempt to obtain worker’s compensation benefits that you may be qualified for. It doesn’t matter how challenging your case may be, our attorneys are here to help you.

Common reasons for denial

A worker’s compensation claim can be denied. From time to time, insurance companies will deny the claims.

Perhaps the doctor says the injury was a pre-existing condition or was not caused by the workplace accident. The employer may also argue that such injuries didn’t occur during your time employed with the company. Some companies may even claim you have never worked for them.

Other reasons such as not filing during the required time frame and failed drug tests are also typical. Miami attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm can walk you through the whole process and challenge your claim, explain the reasons why your claim was denied and guide you through the required legal steps.

Insurance companies will often deny your claim due to allegations of fraud. They are experts at discovering false worker’s comp claims. In some instances, they may go as far as hiring a private investigator to assist them with your claim. If they get you doing anything that proves you are not severely injured, your claim can be denied. Although these cases can be quite challenging, our attorneys can help you fight any false accusations made against you.

Workers compensation claim. Fighting a denial

The claim will first be filled in court and if it’s denied we proceed to mediation. During mediation information is exchanged and the case may be settled. Some cases may not settle right away and we may have to take them to trial, where we will argue on your behalf in front of the judge. Evidence will be presented accordingly and witnesses will testify as required.

The judge will eventually decide on the validity of your claim but this is not an easy decision to make since some benefits will be withheld from you and others may be granted. We are committed to your case and will help you receive all the benefits you are legally entitled to receive.

Initial consultation

If your claim has been denied contact our firm today at (305) 261-7000 and schedule a consultation with one of our worker’s comp lawyers. Hablamos Español