E1 visas are especially for individuals who hold a business purchase sale showing that the U.S. has high levels of skill to run the business. The E2 visa is for certain direct investors own business or they are in the investment process. The EB 5 visa requirements are for employers to citizens of foreign countries that have free trade agreements with the United States, investing a lot of capital in the business and that the company generates large jobs. They are also candidates to opt for either of these visas, spouses and children less than 21 years of investors who qualify for immigration visa business in Miami Florida. Children dependents under the investor visa E are not allowed to work in the United States.
The investor visa eb-5 visa processing time depend of Consulate of country and it is awarded for a period of 2 year, after that time will be reviewed factors that led to you obtain the visa and with the immigration lawyers in Miami, you will be applied for obtaining investor visa green card in the United States. After 5 years of permanent residence, the investor can apply for U.S. citizenship.
The United States has the largest economy worldwide, with the best technological advances and with millionaire companies that generate thousands of jobs each day ensuring a high standard of living and national security to its citizens and green card through investment. Investors also enjoy these benefits, and that material goods internationally diversify their capital raised is preserved and you dont have risk that the government confiscate your properties, as in some countries known or destruction by wars. They also allow you to bring the United States executive professionals in the countries that have free trade to conduct business within the territory.
The main disadvantage of investor visa in Miami Florida is granted only for a temporary period, at the end of this time the investor and his family must go back to his home country, unless their immigration status resolved before end the visa.
The EB-5 investor visa program expiration for a period of time that is set depending on the nationality of the applicant, since it depends on the trade agreement that has his country with the United States.
US immigration investor program is a visa requires foreign nationals are wishing to invest large capital in the American territory.
E2 visa processing time depends of consulate office and the E2 visa requirements come to the United States as developer or leader with 50% of an American business. The profits should not only be for the investor and his family also has to benefit the economy of the USA.
In most cases, the rates of approval of the eb-5 visa are rather high. The statistics are for examples in 2009, 94% of applications were approved and in 2010, 80% of the applications were approved.