Yes. You can; however, this is generally not advised. Divorce cases can be very delicate and intricate. That’s why divorce lawyers or hiring a family law attorney is always recommended. It all depends on the reasons why you are filing for dissolution of marriage, which may or may not be benefited by self-representation in court.
It all begins by filing a complaint and a petition, which varies depending on the state of residence. That may or may not be necessary depending on the details of every case, but your best bet is to contact Gallardo Law Firm.
If you and your spouse are disputing custody and financial issues, it is highly recommended that you find the legal advice and protection of a divorce attorney from a good firm such as Gallardo law Firm. If you have a complicated case, or you do not know how to continue with your case on your own, you should seek legal assistance immediately.
It can cost anywhere from $200 to $500. Fees may come from variable costs for document preparation and any representation by a Gallardo attorney.
Filing for a divorce can be done in a family court or a county courthouse in the city or town where you reside.
Yes. By taking specific steps to locate your spouse and notify him or her of the divorce on an extensive basis, the divorce can continue, but property division may not be able to be completed.
There are many reasons why marriage does not work such as abuse, adultery, impotence or addiction. Although these are not the only reasons leading to a divorce, they are some of the most common ones when filing for a divorce.
This is a marriage entered into for political, social, or economic reasons, rather than love.
This specific type of divorce is used when a marriage has gone too far beyond repair, but neither spouse takes the blame for it. This type of divorce is often known as "irretrievable breakdown of marriage" where one or both parties can file for divorce through their differences.
This is where there is no opposition to the requests in the complaint/petition, meaning there is full agreement on the settlement of all issues at hand. Divorce lawyers can assist with such a matter.
Not necessarily. You do need to choose the reasons why you are filing for divorce yet you can simply state that you and your spouse have compatibility issues.
It is highly suggested that individuals seek legal advice the very moment they consider divorce as a viable option. That can help avoid any confusions or misunderstandings between both parties and can also help protect the rights and limitations of each party.
No. Married couples can choose to live separate lives but remain legally married due to personal, religious or financial reasons along with the concern for their children and the avoidance of custody issues. But if needed, we have divorce lawyers for you.
Finding modestly priced divorce lawyers who are dedicated, skillful, and also competent can be a difficult task to complete. The legitimate experts within Gallardo Law Firm are well versed and suited to all aspects of Family Law in South Florida and strive to provide only competitive and inexpensive legal counsel without lessening the outcomes of the case.
Divorce lawyers take time to listen to all the ins-and-outs of your case including your concerns. They should always be easily accessible and ready to help. The best lawyers are highly educated and experienced while also being Florida bar certified.