Third party visitation plays an important role in the life and development of children, because they need affection that the grandparents give them. Grandparents help the children to overcome the pain caused by the loss of one of his parents after a divorce, as this can always be traumatic for young children. Also grandparents help in the physical and psychological growth of children.
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Orders of visits to children are taught by a judge in court so they have to be fulfilled, but can be accused of insulting the person who fails and can get some sentence of a fine or imprisonment, only the judge is authorized to modify the visitation rights of children. If for some reason the modification of visitation of children will need to ask the judge with the help of a lawyer desired changes.
Parents are not entitled to visitation of the children cannot use the grandparents to interact with children, this would be considered contempt of the law and this is the reasons to deny visitation to grandparents.
No, the judge first evaluated if the rights of third parties act on the best interests of the children and if the grandparents may or may not be entitled to visits them and can sometimes be the case given custodial parents of children who do not agree with visits, the judge does not allow the right of grandparent visitation.
The reasons to get supervised visitation is when the custodial parent is not sure that the child is safe with the other parent during visits. In this case, you can assign a third person known to the family, where both parents and children feel comfortable with this individual during the visit. In the case of domestic violence where parents have serious communication problems is a good practice to use a supervised child visitation as intermediary between the two, if it is in the benefit of children. Another case may be where the department of family assigned attorney supervised visitation to supervised visitation grandparents to ensure the benefit of children, otherwise you can remove the right of visitation to grandparents.