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Definition of Naturalization or USA citizenship

Citizenship is also known as naturalization. Is the process by which an individual is natural of the country where he was born; therefore an American citizen is the natural person as legal part of the United States. The term citizenship is derived from Latin and meaning “City”, its meaning is given from the relationship between human and society. Citizenship represents the rights, responsibilities and economic benefits of each individual in organized society where it belongs. According to the established in the “Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States” citizens born in American territory, person was born in other country but they have American national parents and who submit the naturalization process for the right of green card, all are considered American citizens.

The concept of citizenship is a whole package of legal rights, either work, live and receives privileges designed by the government. Citizens are responsible for the society they live; also they have to comply with the obligations of the citizenship requirements by country.

Naturalization Process

The naturalization process is given from many nationals of other countries want to live and work in the United States in the legal status of American citizens. Firstly you need to reside in the country legally for 5 consecutive years, if married to a legal citizen then you only have to wait 3 years to begin the naturalization application. This process is conceived through the “Service Citizenship and Immigration USA” (USCIS) that monitors after you set the naturalization application N-400 with the help of an immigration lawyer, the entire trajectory of the individual, the person didn’t have no criminal record and if the person wasn’t an anachronistic society agent. Historical proof of general knowledge of the country and most importantly applies for naturalization certificate is a language test. A foreign national necessarily need to know the official language of the United States.

Then you have to submit to fingerprinting process in a limited time and nationality will be established. The citizenship application processing time depends on the particular state, for example in the state of Florida, statistically the process has a short duration of time, could generally be about 5 months.

It is also important to note, that is allowed in the United States dual citizenship countries and those citizens who removed his American citizenship for their own reasons, are also allowed to restore it if they wish.

General Naturalization Requirements:

  • It is necessary to reside permanently in the United States for a period of 5 years at least. If you are married to a U.S. citizen only needs 3 years living in the territory to apply for USA citizenship.
  • It is mandatory to constantly stay in the territory for at least 30 months in 5 years and if any of citizenship marriage requirements of 18 continuous months will need to reside in the country.
  • Reside in the state where you apply for citizenship at least 3 months before the citizenship application.
  • Maintain good legal behavior in society where he lives.
  • Mastering the history of the United States and the American primary language
  • Know and respect the Constitution of the United States.

There are some exceptions for people over age 50 year old that are exempt from testing for citizenship in Florida, included:

  • People over 50 year old do not have to be tested for “English” but need to demonstrate that they have permanently resided over 20 years in the USA, but they have to citizenship practice test and they do the civics test of citizenship.
  • People over 55 years old living in the United States in at least 15 years, they don’t have to do the test of language “English” but they need to make the civics test and are allowed to do it in the natural language .
  • People over 65 years old need to have resided in the country for over 20 years to be exempt from the language test and will have to perform in their native language civics test.

These people don’t have citizenship test requirements they can take a civics test with the help of an interpreter. If the person has a physical or mental disability, he will also be exempt from both tests, only need to bring the day of the citizenship interview for disabled medical certificate issued by their local doctor.

People wishing to obtain citizenship they will have to study the citizenship questions and citizenship test answers for nationality and in this way come from the national to be objective in the shortest possible time.

Conditions to negate the US Citizenship:

  • The person that had problems with driving under influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • May have committed crimes of domestic violence.
  • To have prostituted or incite someone into prostitution.
  • They have not kept their child support payments that were issued by a judge.
  • Not have completed any sentence or probation imposed by the court.
  • Stay more than 6 months out of American territory after obtaining permanent residence.
  • Using false documents.
  • By voting in federal elections without USA citizenship.

Historical Process of American Citizenship

In ancient times when Greece emerged was the term “Polis “referring to the citizenship of people, which was given from individuals who had no political rights in the social state. Then when the “Roman Empire” the term of citizenship remained to differentiate social classes, citizens had rights to make political points and could also exert some government official. In the Middle Ages after the fall of the “Roman Empire ” the idea of citizenship significance of lineage or territorial deteriorated and emerged belief that citizens had to politically subordinate to an overlord and could have no political right as it used be in Roman times. In the Renaissance the Greco-Latin term ideas about citizenship and later retake the basis of citizenship status native or naturalized which represented freedom and rights of individuals feel.

Recent studies show that the meaning of citizenship arises truly the rebirth of bourgeois revolution and the American Revolution. Today, all the people talk of freedom and citizenship social rights of all human beings.

Finally citizenship would go through three different standards of individual rights including civil rights issued in the 18th century, political rights in the 19th century and the socio-economic rights of the 20th century.

Advantages of obtaining Citizenship

  • People under the status of citizen have the benefits of being legally protected by the Constitution of the United States. This is very important because only those individuals who have permanent residence in the country no matter the years lived within the territory, if you ever change the immigration laws that immigration status may be lost because there is no protective case for reform .
  • American citizens cannot be deported from the country.
  • National Americans have the advantage of being able to travel to any foreign country, until the time you want to live and not the permanent residence of the USA will be lost.
  • They have the right to vote and hold political office in the country.
  • Only U.S. citizens have rights to work in certain government enterprises and public benefits.
  • With citizenship is not required to update their residential data in the immigration department.
  • As an American citizen can help your close relatives including children (regardless of age or marital status), spouse, parents and brothers to obtain permanent residence in the United States.

Citizenship Lawyer Miami

Immigration attorneys in Miami Florida play an important target in the process of citizenship or naturalization. In Gallardo Law Firm we have attorneys that help many of customers to opt for citizenship of the United States. The immigration lawyer in Miami will help make the whole process of naturalization, which is the best choice to apply for citizenship if you have committed some of the crimes that condition your immigration status. Please remember that reviews are made on your permanent residence to grant citizenship, and his time living in the country. It is important to work from the start with an immigration attorney since he knows law, new question for citizenship test and they can guide you in obtaining permanent residency and U.S. citizenship required. The immigration attorney Miami knows how to represent the rights of individuals in the U.S.

Looking for an Immigration Lawyer

Gallardo Law Firm has been defending the rights of many of customers who have chosen us to represent them. Our legal team is committed to ensure that you receive the care and the best guidance in your case. Immigration lawyers in Gallardo also may help to Green Card Application for your relatives after your naturalization is obtained. We also have legal support online in the website, who advises prospective customers of their rights. Our immigration lawyers in Miami have licensed to obey the immigration laws of the state.

Citizenship is the legal term granted by the United States of America to people in the community, allowing them to have equal rights and freedom in society where they have been residing.
If your children are old enough have to go through the same application process for citizenship parents. However, if your children are under 18 year old, he can acquire automatic citizenship as dependent parents. They must also meet other American citizenship requirements, including permanent residence (Green Card) within the territory. Also children must live permanently with parents who have child custody and have been legally naturalized.
The immigration lawyers Miami will help you throughout the migration process, as immigration laws are quite complex. Also provide all the information they needed to achieve the desired immigration status.
Citizenship is gained by people born in the Americas. Also, individuals who have had permanent residence for several years in the United States can apply for citizenship through the naturalization process. Besides the automatic citizenship can get those children born in foreign countries but their parents are U.S. citizens and children under 15 years of age who are dependent on citizen fathers with custody.
The cost of citizenship is a fixed value set by national immigration like that originated for permanent residence of the individual, (you can have more information about permanent residency in our website immigration). In general, citizenship costs $ 680, but for people over 75 years old could be $ 595 U.S. dollars. There are many local agencies that help in the rate for the N-400 application for naturalization.
Naturalization records depend on the country you need the information, all the embassies of each country in the United States can help in finding their natural logs. Family could also be a great help to recover.
Yes, one of the benefits of being a U.S. citizen is the right to vote. Everyone over 18 year old citizen has the right to vote for the government administration. Historically, women, children and domestic servants were not entitled to citizenship which is equivalent to not having the right to vote or hold political office, but since the early 20th century, the laws regarding citizenship and voting rights were changing as that built the world and society, people were becoming more educated. However it should be noted that those who although their legal status is in the U.S. national may not be eligible to vote, because they have committed offenses within the law that eliminates a possible right to vote.
Yes, You maybe find some citizenship test question and answers in Spanish in the internet, but we dont recommended to study the citizenship question in Spanish because you must to do the naturalization test in English, you will need prepare for this test if you want the nationality of United State.
Naturalization certificate is known as the N-550 form that it is given to each individual at the time of the naturalization ceremony, where you swear allegiance to the United States.
You will need to request an application for a citizenship certificate in a serviceid immigration Miami through a form called N-545 and it costs $ 345.