It depends on the rules that parents share. If the parent with custody of the child at the time wants to take a long time to set custody for some reason, they need advance notice to the other parent period.
The holidays of children should be considered as important days, because in this time children need activities outside of their daily lives, so parents plan some extracurricular activity with their children and not fair to miss by a malfunction between the schedules of parents. If parents have a problem playing the holiday you take care of your child then forfeit that time and cannot be recovered until the next time you touch according to the rules that were established when the child shared time was formalized.
If you live out of town, the time share of children is calculated depending on the time it takes to get to the children, travel expenses and hours you have in your work.
Joint custody is important so both parents have the right to educate and support children. Children grow much more mentally healthy and can learn and enjoy both sides.
Both parents have the right to take responsibility for their children. Gallardo Law Firm advises both parents fighting for children sharing, as it would help the emotional and educational development of the child time. If a parent affects the growth of the court does not grant parents time sharing.
If the father was charged with a criminal offense opt for shared father time the judge granted only if it demonstrates that it did not affect the development of the child.
The time of visitation of children is calculated from the rules that are imposed when the judge makes the child custody order. Parents who agree amicably to time would have convenient access to children, provided they do not affect the childs educational programming.
After you established paternity of the child, the father has obligations to child support, therefore you also have the right to visit and educate your child like the parent who had custody.
Well the timeshare is a period that reserve each parent to share with your child so it is not a requirement, if you feel the desire to care and educate for your child then you need that time shared that sometimes the other father denied and the judge may grant.