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When you feel your marriage is coming to an end, you begin to ask yourself tough questions about your children, your assets, and anything related to you as a couple that may be affected by a divorce. It is hard to imagine a new life living apart. But these are difficult decisions only you can make with the help of a family lawyer Miami guiding you through the whole process. It can be difficult at first, but after some time, you will realize that filing for divorce may be the best decision you ever made in life.

Marital and Family Law disputes are often fraught with feelings of shame, unresolved issues, and complex legal matters. Now is the time to have a trusted professional on your side. Negotiating a settlement without appropriate guidance from a family lawyer Miami could lead you the wrong legal path and become more costly. Don’t discuss the division of property or custody arrangements with your spouse without first consulting your attorney. Call Gallardo Law Firm today and speak to an attorney specialized in family law.

What Does A Family Lawyer Do?

Family law is the area of practice that deals with all aspects of the family relationship such as custodial disputes, marital agreements, and divorce, monetary support, adoption, and surrogacy.

In most cases, proceedings begin and end without incident. However, some cases can be more complex requiring more time and specialized attention. In matters of family law, you want an attorney or family lawyer Miami who prioritizes your interests; who will work closely with you to ensure that your concerns are addressed and that you are not taken advantage of.

Family law attorneys are involved in all aspects of family law. A family lawyer Miami may include the establishment of paternity, child custody/support, visitation agreements, and child support modification, termination of parental rights, grandparents’ rights, annulment, domestic abuse, child neglect and abuse, the division of property, alimony and estate planning.

Aggressive In Tough Cases

If you are looking for a family lawyer Miami, the attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm are among the most experienced in the area. We are prepared to mitigate the most polarizing of circumstances and aim to resolve most cases amicably. However, we are also ready to fight when is appropriate. It is never too early to consult an attorney. A family lawyer Miami can provide valuable advice even if you haven’t decided to file for divorce yet.

Miami Attorneys Specialized In Family Law

The family lawyers in our law firm in Miami are professional litigators prepared to represent and guide you through life’s hardest situations. Together we can resolve issues such as divorce, custodial arrangements, visitation, estate planning, domestic violence, and many more.

Our team of attorneys and mediators is experienced in handling an array of marital and family law cases ranging from simple to complex. During your consultation, we determine which family lawyer is uniquely suited to best handle your particular legal scenario.

We understand how trying family law issues can be, don’t go at it alone! Contact a respected and supportive family lawyer in Miami for valuable legal counsel.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Divorce - While the divorce attorneys at the Gallardo Law firm can take you through a straightforward dissolution of marriage, we are also here to assist with your separation agreement, the division of assets, international divorce, spousal support, and divorce mediation.
  • Child Custody/Parental Rights/Visitation and Child Support - Navigating parental rights can be difficult without an experienced family lawyer. We handle custody disputes, parental rights, time-sharing, third-party visitation, child relocation, and questions of paternity. The team at the Gallardo Law Firm is well-versed in these areas and offers the legal assistance you need.
  • Marital Agreements - A marital agreement can be a pre-nuptial, or “pre-nup”, or post-nuptial (similar to the pre-nup, but entered into after you are married). These are contracts that establish your financial rights and determine how assets are divided in the event of a divorce between the two parties. If you are considering a pre-nup, hiring an experienced family law attorney can help ensure your agreement is executed correctly and is valid.
  • Domestic and International Adoption Laws - Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience for both your family and your new child. A family lawyer can assist with domestic adoption, international adoption, gay adoption, or step-parent adoption. Allow the adoption lawyers at the Gallardo Law Firm to guide you through the process.
  • Domestic Violence cases - Oftentimes, family law and criminal law overlap complicating an already tense situation. The attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm understand how both courts operate under these difficult circumstances.
  • Estate Planning and Trusts - Anticipating and arranging the distribution of assets and belongings in the event of your incapacitation or death is a vital part of your overall financial plan. A fiduciary agreement granting a trusted third-party, or trustee, assets temporarily on your behalf is called a Trust. Among the benefits of establishing a trust are the reduction of estate taxes and the protection of your legacy. Plan ahead, contact the lawyers of the Gallardo Law Firm and complete your financial planning.
  • Reproductive Law: Surrogacy, Egg/Sperm Donors, and Paternity Disputes - We understand the complexity of family relationships. Issues such as surrogacy contracts, acknowledgment of paternity, and establishing paternity are very typical and they should be handled by someone qualified who understands surrogacy, and reproductive laws in Florida.

Finding the Right Family Lawyer Miami for You

You have thought about it, asked family and friends, and have decided it’s best to contact a lawyer. What’s next?

Choosing the right attorney can make or break your case. When seeking legal counsel, consider the attorney’s area of expertise and prior experience, especially in the sensitive area of Family Law. When entering into a legal battle, which determines how much parenting time, child custody, and loving interaction you’ll have with your child, choose a competent attorney who will fight aggressively. At Gallardo Law Firm, we realize that not all cases require a high-conflict approach. We can determine a suitable course of action based on the facts of your case.

Experienced In Marital and Family Law

A family law attorney in Miami offers experience in local courts where your case will be heard and is likely to have appeared before the local judges previously. Finding a local family attorney provides the added advantage of being privy to the local officials’ particular legal strategies. An experienced family lawyer has a many resources, such as respected and effective expert witnesses to call upon to defend your case.

Florida Educated - Florida Bar, Board Certified In Marital and Family Law

While a “general-practitioner” may be licensed to practice law in Florida, the capable team of family law family law attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm is board certified in their specific area of practice: family and marital law. Board certified lawyers are “evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise.” Finding an attorney certified in marital law by the Florida Bar Board means the attorney is held to the highest standards in the state of Florida.

The state requires a minimum of five years specializing in marital and family law, among other rigorous requirements. To remain certified, Miami family law attorneys must continue their education in their area of specialization. Attorneys and the firms they work for, such as Gallardo Law Firm, can receive honorable mention on prestigious lists, such as Lawyers’, and the AV Preeminent Rating.

The Gallardo Law Firm Serving Clients in Miami

Rarely is hiring an attorney a pleasant task. Should you find yourself in need of an attorney, you want a team of vastly experienced lawyers and exceedingly professional legal staff on your side.

Gallardo Law Firm is prepared to provide quality legal representation during the intricate marital and family law litigation process as well as during the trial and appellate phases, throughout the state of Florida, but most importantly in South Florida, where our firm is located Count on us Gallardo Law, Callus today!!!

First, ask about the lawyer’s experience. Does the attorney have experience in family law? What kinds of cases does the firm usually accept? How long have the attorney been practicing family law? Also, ask the lawyer how he or she expects to be paid. Some attorneys request that you offer a retainer, and others charge an hourly rate. Make sure to ask what the hourly rate is to speak to the firm’s paralegals and secretaries. Sometimes, attorneys charge fees for photocopying documents, filing papers and the lawyer’s travel expenses, so remember to ask about these as well. Ask the family law attorneys you interview to estimate how much they believe your case will cost in total. This will help you narrow down your choices if money is a factor. Inquire into how they arrive at their estimations. Communication is another important issue. It will be very important for you to be in contact with your lawyer. Therefore, ask the family law attorneys how they plan to communicate with you. Ask them how they would like you to get in touch with them when you have questions. The practice of law can be a collaborative effort, or the attorney may work on his or her own. Ask the lawyers that you interview if they will personally handle your case or receive help from other staff members. If the attorney that you interview is going to handle the situation without assistance, ask her if she believes that she has time to give your case all the attention that it deserves.
You cannot obtain a legal separation in Miami because Florida is a no-fault divorce state. However, you can separate from your spouse and essentially achieve the same results. In Miami, most couples claim that the marriage is broken to the point where it would be impossible to put it back together again. Then, they file for Support Unconnected with Dissolution of Marriage that allows them to live separately with the court’s approval of their terms.
You cannot request that your spouse leave the house. The fact that you filed for the divorce does not mean that your rights supplant your spouse’s rights. An exception is if your spouse has threatened you with bodily harm or has physically abused you in the past. If this is the case, you can petition the court for a restraining order that may force the abuser to move out of the marital home.
Alimony or spousal support provides a dependent spouse with money to meet the expenses of daily living. The paying spouse may be required to pay alimony on a temporary or permanent basis. This will depend on your situation.
You cannot end your obligation to pay child support by terminating your parental rights. However, this obligation may end if your children are adopted by your ex-spouses future wife or husband, for example. In that case, the adoptive mother or father will be the legal parent and responsible for the children’s care. Remember that if you terminate your parental rights, you will be giving up all privileges that you currently have with your children.
Child support is the right of the child and not the parents. It helps the child have his or her basic needs met and benefit from the monetary resources of the parent or guardian. Some of the factors to consider when deciding how much your child is entitled to are: • How many children you have? • The combined net monthly income of both parents • The cost of daycare health insurance required for the child • How many nights each parent would spend with the child depending on the parenting plan.
These should both be distributed prior to the dissolution of a marriage. Assets and debts must be distributed equally under Florida law. Some marital property to consider may include, personal property, homes, cars, and retirement benefits, debts, which may include mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and investments.
If you are planning to change your name because of a recent marriage or divorce, marriage and divorce certificates are legal proves and can serve to notify Florida government agencies such as the Social Security Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles of your new name. Florida residents can change their names for these two reasons and also for more personal reasons such as a significant life event.