Family Lawyer Fees In Miami

Family Lawyer Fees In Miami

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 18 Jul, 2015

    How Much Does a Family Lawyer in Miami Cost?

    Hiring a family lawyer in Miami can sometimes become a costly pursuit. The fees can add up quickly and many of us have heard negative stories of clients being deceived by hidden costs. This is why Gallardo law Firm is dedicated to providing you with honest, clear, and correct information about how legal fees work. We strictly follow the guidelines for fees enforced by the Florida courts, and strive to offer you with professional and experienced representation at reasonable costs.

    Doing some research before hiring a family lawyer in Miami might be helpful as it will assist you in gathering more information about who is the most qualified lawyer to represent you. After finding the right person and law firm you will probably start wondering about how much everything will cost. This article has some information about how this process works.

    Attorney’s Fees in Family Law Cases

    Lawyers filing cases, under Florida law, in Florida family courts must have a fixed cost per hour. Usually, marital and family law cases cannot be based on contingency fee, which means that in most circumstances, the fees charged are not based on the outcome of the case. At Gallardo Law Firm we provide you a clear hourly rate. This will be discussed with you and we will also answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the arrangement. We will not move forward with your case until you fully understand, agree, and feel comfortable with the associated costs.

    Awarded Attorney’s Fees and Family Law Cases Costs

    Sometimes, under Florida law, the courts may award attorney’s costs and fees in cases such as child custody and support, marital dissolution, and implementation or adjustment proceedings. Explicitly, one party may be ordered by the court to pay the amounts on behalf of the other party in cases where they are in unequal financial positions. The reason why this is done is to make sure that both sides can afford experienced legal counsel to represent them in any family law proceedings. This award is granted at the end of the proceedings to the less financially stable party in order for him or her to have complete access to representation throughout the litigation. Choosing an Effective Legal Representation

    When dealing with a challenging and emotional family or marital issue, the last thing on your mind is how much protecting your rights and best interests will cost. However, it’s important you have an honest discussion with every attorney you interview about the fees involved and also have a clear understanding of the estimated total cost.

    At Gallardo Law Firm we are committed to providing outstanding representation at the most affordable prices. We charge an hourly rate on immigration cases. Cost should not stop you from having the legal representation you are entitled to. If you have a family or marital issue for which you need a legal representation and have any questions or concerns about costs or fees, contact us today.