Alimony in Florida: New Reform

Alimony in Florida: New Reform

By Julianne Fitzgerald
On 17 Feb, 2016

    Sometimes love can last forever and other times a marriage can end in divorce. During a divorce trial, it is entirely possible that a spouse can be seeking Florida divorce alimony. Alimony in Florida consists of the financial support one spouse is legally required to give to the other. Florida alimony law follows a certain criteria when alimony is being sought by a spouse. Keep in mind that alimony and child support are not the same thing.

    The circumstances considered for alimony in Florida include a few of the following:

    • The length of the marriage
    • Any impairments (physical or emotional) that can hinder job earnings
    • The standard of living during the marriage
    • The economic positions of any assets (marital or non-marital)

    Alimony in Florida is in the process of being reformed with the latest stride in change occurring in early 2016. Currently there are five different types of alimony available in Florida, and these are considered when it is assessed on whether or not the spouse seeking payment requires it. When the Florida alimony reform will be complete is still unclear as laws are always changing and being adjusted. Sometimes alimony can be awarded in one payment known as a lump sum but that rarely occurs.

    The five different types of alimony are known as:

    • Permanent alimony-typically awarded in long-term marriages
    • Temporary alimony- does not last long term
    • Alimony rehabilitation- also appointed for a specific period of time and is awarded to allow the spouse time to adjust financially
    • Reimbursement alimony- usually applied when during the marriage one spouse supported the other while earning a degree
    • Duration alimony- is awarded for as many years the marriage lasted

    With all these possibilities and options, divorce and the potential to seek alimony can be very overwhelming. A family lawyer Miami at Gallardo Law Firm can help receive what is rightfully yours.