You meet the primary requirement of a spouse residing in Florida and the other one in the home country, and in this way meet international divorce law. We can contact your partner if both parts agree to sign the divorce. You are granted a divorce, even when the other person does not want to appear in court.
For citizens of the Dominican Republic, we can get a divorce following the standard procedures of international divorce or get a power of attorney stating that your partner agrees with the divorce terms and process. Then, you are automatically granted legal separation.
The cost of an international divorce depends on international family law and the legal representation you hire. Sometimes this type of process can become complicated raising the total cost of the proceedings. You need to contact Gallardo Law Firm today. We know how to navigate international laws with ease and divorce papers in less time and at a lower cost.
International divorce, child support and child custody in Miami Florida are applicable in your particular case. It’s doesn't matter in what country you are, it is treated the same. You may discuss the terms with our professional lawyers.