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When someone gets hired for a job, he or she expects to get paid what was promised during the interview. However, employers tend to make promises they don’t fulfill along the way and this is illegal. Some companies are required by law to pay their employees no less than the minimum wage. If they fail to comply with this law they will reap the legal consequences. If your employer has defrauded you and retaliated against you when you claimed your minimum wage rights, reaching out to a Miami employment law attorney may be the best way to handle your situation.

Laws involved with overtime compensation and minimum wage

Some laws were made to help you with your specific case. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act, for instance, determines the minimum wage and also offers workers overtime compensation rights. The FL minimum wage was raised thanks to an amendment recently added to the Florida Constitution. Regardless of the total hours worked, employees should be paid either hourly or with a fixed salary. Any hours worked over forty should be paid time and one half (overtime) for hourly employees. Salaried employees may qualify to receive overtime compensation if they were misclassified as being exempt from overtime by the employer.

Lawsuit lawyers in Miami representing your case

An employer that violates wage and hour laws should be confronted in a lawsuit. As challenging as it may sound, you should not allow anyone take advantage of you, especially when the laws were made to protect you from such unlawful conduct. If your wages have not been fully paid as they should, paid wrongly, or perhaps your wages have not been paid at all, you are entitled to hire an attorney to represent you. You can trust the expertise of our legal team to fight for what rightly belongs to you. You may also be entitled to receive additional benefits, depending on the circumstances of your case.

With the help of our well-versed Miami employment law attorneys your circumstances can change. Our attorneys endeavor to remedy your situation, whatever your position may be.

Some legal violations we can help you with include:

  • Unpaid hourly wages
  • Lowered wages due to expenses at work
  • Lowered wages due to forced shared tips

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