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Welcome to Gallardo Law Firm! Thanks for visiting our site. Our Firm is dedicated to helping you succeed. We have extensive knowledge in different areas of law and work tirelessly to protect your rights. Our main goal is to deliver compassionate, experienced, and cost-effective advocacy. The legal field is very large and complex. Whatever your legal problem is, you can count on the help of our lawyers in Miami. At Gallardo law Firm we have:

Immigration Lawyer Miami

When hiring Gallardo law Firm, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Immigration laws can work in your favor with the help of an immigration lawyer Miami who can help your family through the immigration legal processes.

Family Lawyer Miami

Gallardo law Firm has more than a decade of experience providing trusted family representation. We have the knowledge and experience required to represent you. A Gallardo family lawyer can help ensure your interests are defended.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

You may need a Personal injury Lawyer when you have suffered injuries in an accident and seek legal assistance to obtain compensation for all the damages caused by the other parties.

Bankruptcy Attorney Miami

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer Miami can be a better way to deal with overwhelming debts. At Gallardo Law Firm we can help you understand your rights under bankruptcy laws, how they impact your wealth, and take action to improve your financial health.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Miami

When arrested or accused of criminal offenses, you have the right of having a criminal lawyer Miami representing you throughout the entire process. Gallardo law Firm can provide you with the advice that suits your specific criminal case.

Real estate lawyer Miami

Real estate lawyers review real estate transactions comprising leases, purchases, appraisals, and inspections. They can also help with land use issues, help with title insurance, and help lenders carry out or defend foreclosures.

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Meet our Team

Lawyers in Miami working for you

Gallardo Law Firm is located in South Florida. For years Gallardo has offered outstanding service to all our clients across the Sunshine State. We are focused on immigration, family, criminal, and bankruptcy. Our Firm strives for a higher standard of service across the nation. Gallardo continues to grow and expand in the constantly evolving legal market while still staying committed to our core values of excellence, diversity, skill, and multicultural service. Our lawyers in Miami offer:

Legal advice from lawyers in miami

Legal advice and assistance

A wide variety of people can receive help at our firm. Our lawyers will provide you with the timely legal assistance you need.

Best legal Representation in court

Legal representation in court

Court representation is best with the help of one of our qualified attorneys. They are familiar with Florida laws regarding personal injury and will navigate your case with ease.

legal help in Miami you can pay

Affordable legal help

Gallardo’s legal services are very affordable. We offer cost-effective legal counsel with flexible pricing

Answers to legal issues

Answers to legal questions

Our attorneys will answer all your questions in a timely manner. They have years of experience advising our South Florida clients in personal injury cases.

free legal consultation at Gallardo Law Firm

First free legal consultation

You will have a first free consultation based on the nature of your case. Some cases may not qualify for free advice. This will help you get to know your attorney and see if you feel comfortable with him/her handling your case.

Find legal advice online for free

Free legal advice online

There is also support online in our website with our legal staff. They are familiar with Florida laws and may be able to advise you of your rights and refer you to the potential lawyer that will handle your case.

Lawyers in Miami who fight for your case in court

Your Court Case Examined

Hiring an experienced attorney is crucial to your success in litigation. Court rules can be quite complicated and difficult to understand. One of our seasoned attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm Miami can present the evidence for you in court in a professional and experienced way. Our attorneys specialize in criminal defense and they also know which court is the most appropriate for your case. It’s important to draft a complaint that will lay the facts underlying your dispute. When filing a complaint, the documents must be taken to the courthouse. Typically a fee is paid in order to file the required documentation. In some cases, if you can’t afford the fee, you can ask for a fee waiver. One of our attorneys can help you through the whole process of filing and handling your case.

Risks of Going to court without a lawyer

Although you have the right to represent yourself, it’s best having a Gallardo lawyer to represent you in court. Opposing parties generally have a lawyer to represent them. Lawyers are more familiar with the law and have more experience than the average citizen in handling legal cases. Also, oftentimes people tend to respond more emotionally than rationally when dealing with personal matters. This is something you can keep in check if you allow an experienced attorney to handle the process for you. When you are too close to the situation you are dealing with you will probably respond emotionally rather than logically. This is why at Gallardo Law Firm Miami we invest a lot of time and resources to make sure our clients receive the actual legal advice they are looking for.

Miami lawyer at court

Lawyers In Miami fighting for you

Our team of lawyers is comprised of qualified and dedicated attorneys, and also with high ethical standards in the profession of lawyers to ensure that you receive the care, guidance, and the best result that you deserve in the legal case. Gallardo Law Firm in Miami offers to clients the advice of a lawyer per hour at affordable rate, where you can answer all your inquires and get an explanation of your legal rights, alternatives and recommendations. Additionally, we give you the ability to hire an attorney to represent a single event, for example, attend a reunion or negotiation, attend a court hearing, etc.

Immigration Lawyer in Miami

Carmen Gallardo Esq.Immigration Lawyer

Carmen has years of experience as an immigration lawyer, she also representing real state cases, and more.

Family Lawyer in Miami

Leisy Jimenez Esq.Family Lawyer

Leisy has extensive experience in Family law. She is highly involved in divorce cases, and more.

Criminal Lawyer in Miami

Jesús Novo Esq.Criminal Lawyer

Jesus is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who proudly advocates our clients’ rights.

Workers compensation & Labor Lawyer in Miami

Elvis John Adan Esq.Workers compensation & Labor Lawyer

Elvis John Adan is committed to diligently representing his clients while offering them the highest level of competence in labor law and workers compensation matters

Immigration Attorney in Miami

Irene Romero Esq.Immigration Attorney

Ms. Romero proudly represents clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as fight for those detained by U.S. Immigration

Family Law Attorney in Miami

Brian Prieto Esq.Family Law Attorney

Brian Prieto is passionate about work and achieving his client's goals. He serves families in South Florida by providing them with sound legal advice.

Injury lawyer in Miami

John Sherman Esq.Injury lawyer

Mr. Sherman is able to handle any client's case regardless how complicated. By thoroughly analyzing each claim and advising his clients about their possible alternatives

Criminal law and civil law

Well-versed in Criminal law and civil law

Criminal law deals with acts of intentional harm or offenses. For example, breaking into someone’s home violates the safety and privacy of the family. Crimes are deliberate or reckless acts that can cause harm to someone else and his or her property. Crimes are an offense against society. Generally the state or Crown will investigate and the police will gather evidence. In order for an individual to be convicted of a crime, it must first be proven that the crime actually happened. Civil law is basically disagreements between private parties or any careless acts that harmed others. For instance, when someone disagrees over the terms of the agreement, or other matters such as who owns the property, or if the person was dismissed from work for no reason, they are entitled to file a lawsuit in order for the court to decide who was right. Depending on the circumstances, the individual will be held responsible for damages or injuries that happen produced by their negligence.

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Help for common types of legal cases

Some of the most common types of cases are civil and criminal. Civil cases are not about breaking the law while criminal is a lawsuit brought against the person.

  • Process of filing a lawsuit: There are legal papers filed in court at the beginning of a lawsuit called “pleadings.” This is just the beginning. The initial document to be filed is the petition. This provides an outline of the applicant’s case against the defendant. There is also another document called the “summons.” This is an order from the court where the lawsuit will be litigated. It notifies the defendant about being sued, it covers the petition and complaint and sets a time to reply or have the case dismissed. If you plan on filing a lawsuit contact a lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm. Make sure you are represented by an aggressive and commited attorney that understands how the law works in Florida. We have years of experience handling cases in South Florida. Our legal advice is solid and efficient and our goal is to povide high quality legal services.

  • Violation of criminal law: In a criminal case, the burden of proof is on the government and it requires evidence of the crime beyond reasonable doubt. Under U.S. constitution defendants are innocent unless proven otherwise before 12 jurors. The process wills start by arresting the person that supposedly committed the crime. Then comes the bail hearing where the judge hears the charges and determines if the suspect can be released or kept in custody. After that, probable-cause hearing when the judge hears the evidence and decides whether there is probable cause to support that the person committed the crime. Arraignment follows where the accused makes his plea. If the accused pleads not guilty the trial comes after but if the accused is found guilty the next step is the sentencing.

  • Divorce and child custody: In the state of Florida the “dissolution of marriage” requires a few steps. First you must prepare the forms to be submitted. You must provide your spouse a copy of your filed petition. There are also financial disclosures. It’s required that you turn over a financial affidavit to your spouse in the 45 day time period required.

  • Matters related to immigration laws in the US: Immigration is regulated at the federal level. Although the White House is responsible to enforce immigration laws, the U.S. Congress is in charge of immigration-related regulations. Almost all the state laws affecting immigration can be litigated.

  • Filing for personal bankruptcy: If you are overwhelmed with the amount of debts that seem to pile up each day, Gallardo Law Firm can help you. Our firm strives to assist our clients receive debt relief and will work to find the best answer for your problem. Whether you choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or an individual or joint bankruptcy option, we will make sure you plan for a financially stable future.

  • Common labor law violations: Labor laws protect workers’ rights. They cover the hours worked, benefits, overtime pay, mandatory breaks, and there are also laws against discrimination and harassment. You can file an employment lawsuit in situations where the employer or the manager violated these laws.

Gallardo Law Firm serving clients throughout South Fl

Gallardo Law Firm, located in South Florida, is prepared to address any concerns you may have. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and they have experience taking multiple cases to court. We have the flexibility and resources to take you case to the next level. Using our expertise, you will be able to navigate your case with ease. We explore all options available and reach the best results for all our clients. It doesn’t matter how minor you think your question is, contact us today.