Did you have an accident; are you injured, were you the victim of malpractice? You may have been involved in an accident, have been injured at work or in a public place or are suffering from the consequences of medical malpractice and have not decided to file a claim for Personal Injury because you believe that you will not be able to afford a lawyer. If that is your situation right now, leave negative thoughts aside and think that there are always possible alternatives for those who knock at the indicated door. If you request the guidance and support of Gallardo Law Firm's lawyers, you will have the opportunity to prove that excellent services do not always have to mean exorbitant prices when it comes to fighting for your rights.

Do not waste any more time! Do you know that the Statute of Limitations is the period that you have, according to the laws, to file a claim? Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. This period may vary depending on the condition and the cause, but the time limit includes 2 to 5 years from the day the injury was generated or discovered. If you let the time set in your state pass you may lose your right to file a claim.

Contingency Rates

Our firm has Contingency Rates that you can access if you do not have sufficient means to cover the costs of a Personal Injury claim right now.

What does this mean?

You do not have to pay a penny in advance when you need to turn to one of our Gallardo Law Firm attorneys to assess and investigate your case and represent you in a lawsuit for injuries even if the process was long and complicated.

When is it that the client must pay?

Only when we satisfactorily resolve your dispute and a verdict or agreement is reached between all parties, in which you have your fair, compensation is when our fees are deducted from the total amount of which you have received.

Do you need our services and are you facing financial difficulties?

If you need our help you can go to Gallardo Law Firm and become one of our clients without charge until we win your case, only then we will take a certain percentage of the amount that was given to you. If we cannot obtain a compensation agreement on your behalf, you do not pay a penny for our services.

At what percentage are Contingency Fees?

These percentages can vary according to the complexity of each case and its specific details, but most of the Contingency Fees can range between 25% and 40% of the income obtained for the victim who has suffered the damages.

What motivation do lawyers who charge Contingency Fees have?

We all like to receive a more significant salary for our work. Personal injury attorneys feel more motivated when, instead of getting their traditional hourly wage, they can earn a higher amount by securing higher compensation for their clients. Through a Contingency Rate agreement the client will enjoy having more damages covered and the lawyer will also have a higher salary, since his fees are based on percentages. While you should have a lawyer who cares about your future well-being and comfort, it's good to know that yours will be more motivated to succeed than someone who receives a salary for hours regardless of whether he wins or loses his case.

We win when you win!

As the only way to collect our work is by gaining your claim and obtaining compensation for you in economic terms that correspond to the damages you have suffered, from which we can get our percentage, our lawyers will be as interested as you in obtaining full compensation for your losses. We are identified and committed to each case we address, and we believe that everyone deserves respect for their rights, regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, at Gallardo Law Firm we use all our experience and resources to support you and your family in cases of Personal Injury and, with our Contingency Rates, we earn when you win!