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Introduction to the Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Miami

Nearly all of the state's laws related to nursing home residents use the word neglect rather than negligence. Abuse under these laws is an act or omission that causes injury. Elderly abuse in nursing homes is considered a crime under State Law. Neglect in nursing homes is a problem that unfortunately many of our elderly face daily.

In nursing homes and other care facilities, the majority of its residents are weak elderly and disabled who cannot care for themselves. It is the responsibility of caregivers in nursing homes to offer the elderly the love and care they deserve in their later years.

Placing a family member in a rest home or nursing home center can be a difficult decision. Many families have to contemplate the idea of relocating a loved one such as a parent or grandparent in a center that can meet their medical needs and essential life needs every year. We like to think that people who look after our family will provide a high level of care and attention with reasonable accommodation of individual needs and preferences; moreover, will treat them with respect and consideration recognizing the patient's dignity and individuality. Unfortunately, it is not often the case. Neglect and nursing home abuse in Miami are becoming an outbreak in the USA.

Negligence in nursing homes can occur in different ways. Visible signs of neglect in nursing homes include but are not limited to poor hygiene, pressure ulcers, dehydration, malnutrition, bruises around the neck, injury with symptoms of retention and unexplained fractures. There are other physical abuse forms, where the primary caregiver, whether a nurse or an assistant, will cause damage to the resident, either by sexual assault, violence, hunger, or neglect. Evidence of assault includes bruises, blisters, bruises around the genitals and other unexplained marks that may appear throughout the body of the residents. All poor living conditions, including the health conditions of the rooms and toilets, are also part of the neglect of the elderly households.

Each year in the United States, there are more than 2 million older people suffering from some form of abuse and millions more go unreported.

The Skilled Nursing Homes

Nursing homes that claim to be skilled nursing facilities bear a greater responsibility to its tenants. Therefore, the specific cases such as medical malpractice, the careless diagnosis or inadequate medical care also fall under the broad scope of abuse in nursing homes. Sometimes a person may be threatened and may become isolated, visibly upset and depressed.

It is very essential to regularly visit your loved one and see if they are getting the love they deserve. Negligence in nursing homes and abuse can lead to physical injuries, emotional trauma, and in some cases even death.

If you guess your family has been the victim of nursing home neglect, you should alert the authorities and law enforcement and contact a lawyer who has worked in cases of negligence in nursing homes. Choosing the right lawyer is very important; counsel should also be resourceful. Only a lawyer can finally determine if you or your loved one has a genuine case of negligence in nursing homes.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Miami

Physical abuse is one of the most frequent abusive behaviors in elder people. However, there are other types of mistreatments such as emotional, sexual and financial exploitation among others. Some of the most common signs of physical abuse towards older people are bruises and cuts, torn or bloody clothes, and bone fractures.

Emotional Abuse in Cases of Negligence in Nursing Homes

Emotional abuse in elder people may include:

  • Intimidation through yelling and threats
  • Humiliation
  • Isolate the patient from other residents and activities
  • Terrorize the patient
  • Make fun of the patient

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Sexual abuse may include:

  • Mysterious genital disease or infection
  • Vaginal or anal bleeding
  • Stained or bloody underwear

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly at Nursing Homes in Miami

Financial exploitation is indeed the most common way of non-physical abuse of the elderly. It consists of the unauthorized use of elderly funds and property.

An unscrupulous caregiver can:

  • Misuse of old checks, bills or credit cards
  • Steal money, checks, or belongings
  • Forging signatures
  • Unauthorized withdrawals or transfers of money
  • Identity theft

Other Types of Nursing Home Abuse In Miami

Different types of negligence in nursing homes may be noted when:

  • Medications are not administered or administered incorrectly
  • The beds are dressed in dirty sheets
  • They have unhealthy living conditions
  • They suffer from malnutrition/dehydration

Prevention of Elder Abuse

Families play a vital role when preventing elder abuse. It is difficult to take care of a senior who usually has different needs and dependence or infirmities. That could create situations where abuse can happen. With this said, we need to listen to elders and caregivers, interview the senior when abuse is suspected, and educate other people about how to identify abuse and report it.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Miami

Many state and federal regulations have been established to protect seniors at nursing home facilities. Unfortunately, violations occur every single day, compromising the health and dignity of our elders.

Medical malpractice lawyers working in nursing home facilities cases play an essential role for many people who are victims of negligence. It is important to work from the beginning with medical malpractice lawyers because they know Florida Laws and can guide you to establish your process in the shortest possible time.

Get the justice your elder deserves by contacting a Nursing Home abuse lawyer with experience and determination to serve your needs better and provide care and peace of mind during a hard time.

Gallardo Law Firm and the Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Miami

The Nursing Home abuse attorneys Miami at Gallardo Law Firm will fight persistently for the victims of abuse; your rights are represented to the best of our capacity. Our attorneys are highly qualified and know how to handle nursing home neglect cases.

A nursing home abuse incident can be devastating for the injured and the whole family, mainly because healthcare professionals are to be trustworthy and are expected to provide a high quality of care.

Our lawyers will be able to use every legal resource to fight your case and help you with the best possible outcome for any given situation. Moreover, if you wish to file a lawsuit, our attorneys can provide you with representation in court. We also have legal advice in medical negligence cases online at our website, which advises prospective customers of their rights and options.

Gallardo Lawyers are committed to holding negligent healthcare professionals accountable for their actions, so when you need a confidential consultation, you can contact us at Gallardo Law Firm.

Medical malpractice lawyers working in nursing home facility cases play an essential role for many people who are victims of negligence. It is vital to work from the beginning with medical malpractice lawyers because they know Florida Laws and can guide you to establish your process in the shortest possible time.
Negligence in the nursing home is becoming an increasingly common problem at present. In recent years, the number of cases of neglect in nursing homes has shown an increase. Specific symptoms and signs may prove possible negligence in the nursing home. These include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, and financial exploitation. We can also mention the tension between the caregiver and the resident, changes in personality or behavior, bruises, broken bones, pressure ulcers, residents that go unchanged and unbathed, the financial activity the senior could not have done, and others.
Nursing homes are care facilities aimed at helping the elderly in need. However, in some cases, these facilities are often guilty of exploitation, abuse, and maltreatment. If you believe a family member is being abused in a nursing home, you should investigate the matter and identify if there is a chance of circumstances when filing a lawsuit. Negligence claims usually occur if the provider is not complying with the responsibilities, like supplying food, hygiene, and medicine. Other elements that may validate a case of neglect include emotional and physical abuse, harassment and misdiagnosis.
One of the most important steps you can take is to contact an elder care locator and report the abandonment of an old man in the nursing home. However, it is also important to alert the police by calling 911 if you feel that someone is in immediate physical danger. If you suspect a loved one is facing elder abuse, you may also contact an attorney who specializes in elder abuse cases.
1- Emotional 2- Physical 3- Sexual 4- Financial 5- Psychological
Residents are ultimately allowed to have access to their medical records and reports. They can discuss the type of treatment they are receiving and can also reject the full treatment. Nevertheless, if the concerned person is not mentally ill, his family can make such decisions.
There are multiple occurrences in which a nursing home lawyer can help. Some of the most common examples are the malnutrition cases and dehydration, assault, abuse, pressure ulcers, restriction, and strangulation. Further examples include prescribing errors, falls, fractures, wrongful death, diagnostic failure or misdiagnosis, leaving the older adult unsupervised and other cases qualifying as negligence in the nursing home.
Attorneys in nursing home cases are there to ensure that the rights of older people are protected in these facilities, and they are getting the level of care required. When a person decides to leave in a nursing home one of his/her older relatives, he or she goes through a process of making difficult decisions. This decision also means that they place their trust in the nursing home and the violation of this trust may result in life-threatening damage.
You may bring cases against health institutions, nursing homes, and against doctors for failing to provide adequate services and cause damage. Many people suffer from injuries and other medical conditions due to the negligence and carelessness of medical experts. Law firms that specialize in this particular area help those victims fight for their rights and receive compensation for their suffering.