Yes, it is. The agreement for the divorce decree was established based on the information obtained at the moment of divorce. The judge states to report any financial changes to the court as it happens.
Family lawyers in Miami will help in revising divorce settlements established. When you sign the divorce decree, it is mandatory to comply with the terms thereof. Ignorance can bring future problems if you violate any order. Failure to comply with a court order can lead to contempt and thus to jail. It is therefore very important that you contact one of the attorneys in Gallardo Law Firm to represent you with your legal issues.
Within the reasons to modify the divorce decree we find: Changing in incomes, earning capacity or employment Variation of the needs of the dependents Variation in the medical expenses of a party Alteration in the mental, or emotional health of a party
Visits to children is one of the rights in the divorce agreement. If your former spouse does not allow you to visit your children, you need to start a legal proceeding to enforce your visitation rights. You will need to have the dates of the visits well documented to prove it.
Although bankruptcy removes the financial troubles of individuals, does not free from responsibilities to fulfill the obligations they have following the dissolution of marriage. Therefore bankruptcy does not eliminate the problems of non-compliance by divorce so you might be charged with contempt.
By violating the divorce decree the individual is disobeying a direct order from the judge and in turn is committing a family crime, because that attitude affects the whole family that depends on the help that it can offer. Enforcing a divorce settlement is one of the tasks run by family lawyers, so it is important to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.