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Paternity is defined as the responsibility of parents to nurture and provide for their children. This is connected to other family issues such as child custody, child support, and visitation. A Miami paternity attorney from Gallardo law Firm will evaluate your case and help you decide the best course of action for your paternity situation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience assessing and litigating paternity cases as well as representing parents who wish to be accepted as biological parents and have an ongoing relationship with their kids.

With the help of a Miami paternity attorney you will receive professional assistance throughout the DNA testing, child support and custody, time sharing, as well as the whole separation process. This process can be extremely challenging.

This is why a Miami paternity attorney may be the best option. Whether you are trying to find out who is the father of your child or simply claiming your parental rights, establishing the paternity of your child will be vital to the child’s physical and emotional development.

We believe that what really turns a man into a father is the ability to educate, raise and love their children. That is the reason why those who choose to adopt a child are also considered parents, demonstrating that human values are important. The paternity of a child can be defined as the legal parenthood. For example, if at the time of birth of the child the mother is married, her husband is the legal father of the child. To find out more information, contact Gallardo Law Firm today.

Role Of The Attorney In Paternity Cases

A paternity attorney can provide legal advice in cases where the mother is in the care of the baby, either because the father does not know he has a son, he feels that he is not the biological father, or he is not providing child support. These mothers have the right to ask for economic and social assistance from the government through the various institutions of help offered by the State of Florida until all necessary information for the father to meet his obligations is received.

Generally, in order to establish parenthood, the case must be brought to court because many parents refuse to meet their children’s needs until the judge issues an order. Florida federal law states that all fathers and mothers, depending on their economic status, are responsible for their children. This obligates both parents to answer to economic child support. Most often it is the mother who has the right over the child.

The Different Aspects of Paternity Miami

Gallardo Law Firm looks at different aspects when establishing parenthood based on various evidences to prove the authenticity of the father and ways to fulfill his responsibilities such as:

  • Providing the children with the support they need.
  • Not having to answer charges of court for child support if you are not the real father.
  • Establish the rights and periods of breeds of their children.
  • Establish all necessary medical documentation about the future parents if the child were to use it.

How Is Paternity Established?

A parent can be established by signing a paper recognizing paternity. If the parent doesn’t voluntarily admit it, the father or mother can bring a proceeding in order it to decide the identity of the father. Thanks to the accuracy of DNA testing, establishing the paternity has become easier. If you ever find yourself facing a paternity petition a family law attorney Miami Dade county will help you decide the best course of action. Our paternity attorneys have experience representing men and women in paternity-proceedings.

Paternity Test in Miami

DNA Test

There is a world-renowned medical examination called DNA analysis. This test is valid before the judge and it can be developed through fingerprint, hair, or the vowel and mucus, which are then compared to the DNA of both. Over time, new techniques have emerged to prove parenthood, but DNA testing is still the most popular and the number one in the paternity test procedures with the most satisfactory results


Gallardo Law Firm is responsible for the development process involving parents with the knowledge regarding who is and who is not the biological parent of the child. All this is possible through an examination of parenthood, the most fundamental procedure when the father recognizes how important he is in the child’s life. In many cases it is simple to prove who the mother of the child is. Gallardo can also help with proving or finding the biological mother through a maternity test. A Miami paternity attorney can also help the father or mother, get child custody when either of the parents is unable to protect and care for the children.

There are others ways to determine who the biological father of a child is. This could be determined, for example, through common physical characteristics that can be apparent in both the child and father. This type method, however, is not valid before a judge since it can’t prove who the biological father is.

Filing a Paternity Suit

When the parents can’t come to an agreement, a paternity lawsuit can be brought to find out who the father is. This helps to establish economic and moral obligation, gain visitation privileges, or settle other issues. Under some circumstances, a judge will order a blood test from which DNA testing will determine paternity rights. Legal paternity for someone other than the father can be determined as well but this process can be quite complicated. Once the paternity is established, the father will have to provide child support for the child. A paternity suit can be costly; however, hiring a paternity attorney can be the best investment you ever made. It will save you time and money.

Establishment and Acknowledgement of Paternity Benefits

Establishing paternity affects both parents and children, and the opportunity to develop, enjoy and grow in the relationship. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Children grow more comfortable and secure knowing who their parents are.
  • Having a healthy relationship with both parents.
  • Reduces the likelihood of high-risk behaviors.
  • Proper legal documentation of their parents.
  • The child has full support from both parents.
  • The child will have better identity and a sense of belonging.
  • Access to family medical history.
  • Health insurance coverage.
  • The right to inherit from the parents.
  • Children may be entitled to receive social security or veteran’s benefits.

Statute Of Limitations to Establish Paternity

Statute of limitations is a law that prevents an individual to bring legal action against another party after the deadline to do so have expired. In the state of Florida, the applicable statute of limitations to establish paternity is 4 years and the age of majority for the child to establish paternity is 18. Consult a family lawyer for the most up-to-date information.

Consult a Miami Paternity Attorney for Help

Issues surrounding paternity and other family matters can be complicated and extremely challenging. Allow our firm to help you figure out the best way to handle you case. Our attorneys will help you feel secure and confident in the decisions you make regarding you and your family. With the guidance and support of a paternity attorney, the paternity process will be easier. Ask us today about how we can help you establish your paternity and answer any other questions or concerns you may have about other Florida family law issues.

Parenthood is established when a man has been proven to be the biological father of the child through DNA testing and official court order. Once both parents sign the parental parents.
The mother or father can complete an application for serviceids and parental affidavit. If the parent is not willing to sign the affidavit, Gallardo Law Firm can order DNA test to determine parenthood.
If the parent lives outside the state of Florida, we can ask the other state to help establish parenthood. States have an agreement that allows the child support enforcement. Gallardo Law Firm can help the mother prove who the father is, even though he lives in a different state. Each state operates under the same basic guidelines, but the processes and deadlines vary from state to state.
It is necessary to establish paternity in order to preserve the legal rights of the child and the parent and to protect the mother and the rights of the child in case the parent should need help from the family.
Yes, you have the right to establish legal paternity of her child, unless there are external factors that force the mother to object.
In Gallardo, a Miami paternity attorney can order a parenthood test to determine if there is a genetic match between parent and child. These results of genetic testing can establish parental ties. Each party in a contested paternity case must submit to genetic testing.
The Florida State grants protection to your child if it is determined that the mother has abused the child. You may request forms to ask the court for temporary child custody for a domestic violence. This agreement has an expiration date, so you must complete the process of establishing full parenthood before the deadline provided by the judge. Gallardo Law Firm in Miami has the willingness and ability to help obtain parenthood, making an injunction against domestic violence.
Yes. Children are the product of conjugal acts of the parents. Every child has a mother and a father, therefore they are held responsible for providing the child with all basic needs.
The cost of a parenthood test may vary from state to state; it depends on the law firm. It is important to note that there are a number of different factors that determine the total cost of your paternity testing.
The judge will check whether you are working or have an income that allows you to help support your child. If you have no way of getting money, the judge may order you to find a job as soon as possible to provide some child support.
Establishing parenthood would be ideal when the baby is born. If this is not the case, you should visit Gallardo Law Firm as soon as possible to receive legal advice on your case and begin the process.