If you agree with the relocation of your child, all you must do is sign the judges order approving the transfer. If you do not agree, please contact Gallardo Law Firm in Miami. We will give you all the legal advice you need in this case.
The relocation to Miami can be very advantageous for parents with custody of the children because it can allow for economic development that will benefit the development and education of both yours and their own children. You will have the opportunity to start a new life and may even find love again.
The parent with custody of the children has the right to move out of the state where they have been living until now. They only need the consent of the other parent and if it is not the case, then our attorneys in Gallardo Law Firm will help you throughout the legal process that involves the child relocation. It is important to remember to ensure the welfare and safety of children.
Gallardo Law Firm offers representation in the legal field if required. Visit our office where our divorce lawyers will help you in the development of the whole process.
The right of access, if possible, is only assigned to non-custodial parents. Non-custodial parents may have the right to keep children on weekends or holidays, in this particular case has been moved to another state, judges can make great consideration and establish a new plan with dates scheduled visits. The judge decides on the duration of the visit. In these circumstances, both parents can agree on dates and increased visitors without linking tribunal.