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Introduction to Prosecutorial Discretion Miami

According to the definition of the discretionary right of the prosecution, prosecutorial discretion definition is the decision you can make a body or officer to decide whether or not to apply the law in both civil and criminal proceedings. Immigration agents have an obligation to enforce the prosecutorial discretion law definition, to make decisions such as applying knowledge to stop and who put in Deportation Process. According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), discretion helps to apply resources where appropriate, focusing on representing could be a threat to public safety or national.

Prosecutorial discretion by ICE is reflected in a memorandum from ICE Morton Memo. Morton memo Jun 2011 is used by immigration officials as a guide to focus on enforcing the law and deporting people cases called “high priority” and do a little next to cases of “low priority.”

The Two Cases by Morton Memo Prosecutorial Discretion

There is a wide discretion as factors that take into account the ICE to determine when a person is “low priority“, it should be clear that discretion is not based on just one factor actually influences the whole situation. Among the factors to consider when a person is “low priority” we have:

  • It takes more than 5 years in the USA and the person came as a child.
  • It takes more than 10 years in the United States and the person came after 16 years old.
  • It takes more than 10 years in the United States and the person has more than 65 years.
  • The person states in the U.S. have some legal way possible, and with a valid visa.
  • It has been a permanent resident for more than 10 years without incurring more than one criminal offense.
  • The person is expecting a baby or breast-feeding or your partner is expecting a baby or breast-feeding.
  • The person is a veteran or member of the armed forces.
  • Presents severe mental disability or health condition.
  • The person concluded his studies in the United States especially superior or college.
  • He has a wife / or children who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • The person has a family of first degree relatives who served in the armed forces.
  • Presents little or no connection to their country of origin.
  • You are afraid to return to their country of origin.
  • Has your care a person with disabilities, elderly, a child or a seriously ill family member being.
  • Presents significant ties to their community and (church involvement in an organization, business owner or a home)
  • He has served for federal agencies in criminal investigations, among other violations of law.
  • Introduces important link and made contributions to the United States.
  • Turns out to be a victim or witness of domestic violence, human trafficking or any other violent crime.
  • You can fix your immigration status as it may be eligible for a visa.
  • This involved in a fight for their civil and labor rights which have been violated.
  • This involved in an activity with respect to civil rights or other rights.

Among those identified as “high priority” have 3 major categories according to the Department of Homeland Security are classified as number one, are people with criminal records, as two people with a long history of immigration violations and the third the people who crossed the border with a more recent period of approximately 3 months. Prosecutorial discretion gives us more detailed factors that people considered “high priority”, these are:

  • They have a sentence that relates to violence, threats, assault, sexual abuse or exploitation.
  • They have more than two criminal convictions that is, 3 misdemeanors or a felony.
  • They have a felony conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic.
  • Presents a conviction for drug trafficking or distribution.
  • They formed a voluntary departure did not leave the country.
  • Incurred in immigration fraud.
  • They are a threat to public or national security.
  • They’re joined gangs or human trafficking.

How to ask for Prosecutorial Discretion in Deportation Case?

Prosecutorial Discretion should be sent to ICE, sending a letter containing the reasons why you should not be deported, the sample letter prosecutorial discretion appears on websites and can help us to know the points to consider when to request a judicial discretion. Attached to this letter documents to prove what you are proposing will be sent. An example of a very common case is when the person has children the child’s birth certificate is submitted. You should pay attention to what true pose in the letter and you have to be honest, as well as all documents will be added , taking greater care in regard to his criminal record. Remember that if you fail or make a farce he may be charged with criminal foul. If you are in removal proceedings have not yet conclusively by then you may request a judicial discretion.

An Option to Apply for Prosecutorial Discretion in Deportation Case

Sample request prosecutorial discretion immigration is that in deportation cases prosecutorial discretion immigrants give them a new option. This is to present to the community through the factors that make a person of “low priority” for deportation, ICE making it known through signatures or letters from community leaders who have a significant relationship. Generally providing community support making calls, sent email, hosting events in order to show that the person has community support.

The primary objective that has this option is to inform the ICE countless signs of support to stop the deportation of the person.

The decision to use ICE Prosecutorial Discretion

If you decide to use prosecutorial discretion in your case you will be notified in writing. Should be aware that prosecutorial discretion will not change your status or you will not give a legal status, your case will be delayed but it is likely that ICE continue your case later. You cannot leave the country because they will not be granted any immigration. We should note, well clear what the outcome in your case and what its consequences might be able to take the necessary measures.

Why should I see a Lawyer?

It is necessary to require the services of an attorney as this will be the person who can advise you about your rights, please note that all cases are different and that no guide will substitute for legal consultation much information that you can provide this.

You should apply only if you are under the process of deportation and have no alternative to remain in the U.S. under the immigration laws. Request to ICE prosecutorial discretion is the last resort to be used. The authorities will not deliver to them are those who use this resource will drink you apply in the event that you and this facing deportation.
You request prosecutor discretion depending on your situation. If you are facing immigration judge or to the Board of Immigration Appeals may request administratively close the case which means that the ICE will close the case and will not try to deport him for now, but may do so in the future. In case you have a deportation order but also has an appeal to the appellate court may order a stay of removal means that you will not be deported for a period of approximately 1 year. In the case of requesting deferred action you can do in any party of the deportation process being you before an immigration judge , this has the advantage that you will not be deported at the moment but if it could be in the future , you will would grant a work permit.
A work permit is granted by immigration prosecutorial discretion memo, if you did not have it before you cannot get now. But there is one exception for people who are granted deferred action prosecutorial discretion and who qualify for a work permit.
No, the immigration serviceid and citizenship often eliminate certain payments if you can show that it does not have resources to pay for this the person must complete and submit a form which will be reviewed in its entirety by the immigration department.
We, criminal lawyers, Gallardo Law Firm from the moment you make us part of your situation , we provide all possible support , giving alternative and more feasible solutions according to their possibilities and needs , we want you frustrated, and think it will not be appropriate for a viable exit, because it always exists, and we can get it for you.
Is the Immigration and Nationality Act to be the basis of legal immigration system since 1952.
You should know that it is very important to tell the truth because if lying can be caused more harm than good. Discussions with your attorney are protected, the lawyer receives the most valuable information and more through the client, this being a major source.
First remember that it is a human being and being in the United States has rights which can make use of them. You remember that you can remain silent and not be abused physically or word can make a phone call and request the presence of a lawyer. Have obligations such as not to oppose the arrest acting with physical strength , do not try to lie to agents , remember that anything you say may be used against you.