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At present, Permanent Residence has been a very popular process within the international legal rights of individuals. Individuals who obtain a permanent residence in the United States must comply with certain rights and obligations with the country that are important to note:

Rights after obtaining a permanent resident card

  • Individuals with an American permanent residence have full right to live within the territory, as well as work and study.
  • With a permanent residency you might be able to apply for the citizenship once all the necessary requirements are met.
  • Your family will be able to apply for an American permanent residence visa in the United States.
  • You can buy a property within the territory.
  • Having Social Security benefits and Medicare is possible if you meet the requirements.
  • You can travel to any country in the world and re-enter the U.S. territory without any problem.
  • You may belong to some areas of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Green Card Requirements

  • You must comply with all federal and state laws in particular where you reside.
  • You must comply with all federal taxes.
  • You are obliged to inform the relevant authorities all permanent residence address change within less than 10 days.

Meaning of Green Card

The permanent resident card or “Green Card”, is the legal identity card for individuals who are not U.S. citizens within the American territory.

The permanent residency family sponsorship is a request residents and U.S. citizens make to bring their families either spouse, children, parents, and siblings to live, work, and study permanently and legally within the U.S. territory.

Ideal Candidates for Family based green card Miami

According to Immigration Laws about permanent residence America many individuals have the opportunity to apply for residence with the help of his family. Ideal candidates are those who meet certain characteristics such as:

  • Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, including children less than 18 years of age with single marital status, marriages, and parents of children over 21 years old U.S. citizens.
  • The children were single but with older, married children of any age and siblings over 21 years of American citizens.
  • Unmarried children and the spouse of an individual with permanent residence in the United States.
  • The children and families affected by domestic violence, and children born on American soil to foreign diplomats.

Factors would cause the loss of Permanent Residence

Currently, there are several factors that would cause a possible deportation which leads to the loss of lawful permanent residence in the territory:

  • Staying out of the American territory for a long time.
  • Committing federal, state, and domestic violence crimes.
  • Trying to help other individuals entering the country illegally.
  • Using and/or reproducing false documents.
  • By voting in federal elections without the American citizenship.
  • Not reporting on a 10-day period of residence changes that have been made.
  • Having problems for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Process to get a Green Card Miami

The green card application process in Miami is quite simple when requested through the family. In the event that the applicant is abroad, the family must first apply through Form I-130 application for permanent residency. The family member who requests the visa should be an American citizen, a legal permanent resident of the United States, or a political refugee to whom shelter was granted for 2 years. After the application is approved you may file for an immigrant visa at the U.S. consulate in the country of origin of your family member.

Obtaining a permanent residency through marriage between a foreigner individual and an american citizen is one of the simplest ways to get the residency, you must first prove that the marriage was for love and not for business, it is very easy to prove it with the presence of relatives of the citizen, or if the couple has property or children in common. Both will be interviewed separately and will need to know specific details of the couple and the family, it is important to know each other in all respects, so that your residence is granted without problems.

For a permanent residency living in the United States, one of the family member whether a permanent U.S. citizen or resident will ask for the residence through the form I- 130, then the priority dates of immigration status are to be checked and you wait until the immigration department confirms the residence order. After being approved, the family member needs to file the form called I-485 which can record the permanent residency already approved.

Documents required when Applying for a Family based green card Miami

  • The applicant’s birth certificate translated into English.
  • Marriage certificate translated into English, if you are applying for residency for a spouse or child.
  • The income tax of the citizen or legal resident applicant for at least the prior 3 years.
  • A letter by the employer assuring the job, hire date, and granted salary.
  • Bank statements of the applicant of all banks with a current financial account.
  • Photos of the citizen applicant and the family member that is applying for the residence.
  • Photocopy of the passport of the foreign family member.
  • If the person is in the country with a tourist visa, he will need a copy of the Form I- 94 and of the tourist visa.

Benefits obtained with a Miami Permanent Residence Family Based

  • When obtaining a legal permanent residence, a card called “Green Card” is given. It is a migratory identification that along with a valid passport issued in the country of nationality allows you to travel anywhere in the world without difficulty, or without having to apply for a visa to enter the country again. Although, this permanent residency through family is only issued for 10 years, the green card status is for life since you will always have the right to apply for the citizenship or to update the expiration date.
  • With permanent residence individuals have the advantage of live, work and study legally in the territory.
  • The government provides financial support for the study of American residents.
  • Retirees who worked more than 10 years and have permanent residence have the right to receive social assistance.
  • It will be the beneficiary of most U.S. law except the right to vote is only for citizens.
  • You have the right to apply for American citizenship to spend 5 years with permanent residence, but can maintain the same immigration status for life if you desired.
  • The people have rights on real estate in the state of Florida.
  • You can make donations to help the campaign in the state and the country.

Immigration Lawyers and the family based green card process in US

Immigration lawyers in Miami Florida play an important target in the process of American Citizenship. In Gallardo Law Firm we have attorneys that help many customers to opt permanent residence in the United States. Immigration lawyers in Miami will help make the whole process of home for your family, also they advise you which are the best choice to apply for permanent residence if it’s committed some of the crimes that condition your immigration status and they help you to apply for employment based permanent residency . Please remember that reviews are made on their partner if opting for a residence depends on the marriage. It is important to work from began with an immigration attorney because they know immigration law and can guide you in obtaining the desired permanent residence. The Miami immigration attorney knows how to represent the rights of individuals in the U.S.

The American permanent residence is granted to foreign immigration process to reside and work legally in the U.S. territory.
Not required when issuing the visa was issued will be sent to the department ˜s visa for your country, which will handle alert at home, in case of a transfer or change of permanent address you need to inform the appropriate authorities. If you are living in the other country, they will send the information to the family that applied for permanent residence.
Usually the permanent residence have the same rights and duties as American citizens, but there are some significant differences that is important to note, including: the residence individuals are not entitled to vote for the leaders of the country, you cant hold public office within the territory, only American citizens have those rights, relatives of citizens get easier visa to enter the country, although individuals who have permanent residence may also apply for a visa from their families, but perhaps with a little more difficulty in addition to residence do not have a passport nationality, it remains a national of the country of origin.
The best immigration lawyers in Miami will help you throughout the migration process you need, because immigration laws are quite complex. Also provide all the information they needed to achieve the desired immigration status. Immigration lawyers in Miami can save you time and money in the process of immigration, whether his American permanent residence owners or their relatives.
There are many ways that exist to obtain permanent residency in the USA, but in the most common may include: American residency through marriage, or if both are immigrants can be obtained through their children born within the territory, usually through children, spouses, parents and siblings. Also you can apply for a green card in the Immigration Lottery drawings made by the American government to immigrants. Also have other general categories that give rise to such residency through political asylum, EU permanent residence permit based on permanent work, through the Cuban Adjustment Act, the law of Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American aid through the Haitian refugee law also individuals who have a temporary residence for more than four years can apply for permanent residency or humanitarian programs that assist individuals in obtaining permanent residence in the United States.
The immigration laws of the United States suffered some changes from April 30, 2001, where it was established that individuals who were living within the country with the social status of undocumented workers after that date do not grant residency permanent, must return to their home country and apply at the U.S. consulate in the residence. Although there are some immigration laws that protect many people who already live within the territory.
The truth is that to be a legal resident of the United States does not exempt him from being deported from the country if they commit a felony. There are several offenses that can lead to the court to make a judgment of deportation, if this were your case is very important that you get legal representation of the competent Miami immigration lawyers to defend your immigration rights, because you may lose permanent residence if deported.
The Department of Citizenship and Immigration serviceid acronym in English (USCIS) U.S. checks all the data of the applicant and have the right to not approve permanent residency as important factors to his credit, if you committed penal crimes you may not be granted residency. You need experienced immigration attorneys for advice on their legal immigration process.
The cost of permanent residence is a fixed value set by national immigration as the one originated U.S. citizenship to the individual, (can have more information about citizenship in our website immigration). In general, the value of permanent residence depends on the forms I- 130, I-485 and fingerprints that you can find the entire document in the web and you can to do of permanent residence download document, and all this may be about $ 1070. There are many local agencies that help in the fee applying for permanent residency in Miami.
Green Card is considered also as an immigrant visa, so yes; the green card is a visa.
You need to marriage with an American citizen or a residence individual and demonstrative that de marriage is only for love. The immigration serviceid verifies that all your information is true and then they give you the permanent resident card through marriage. The process is very simply.
The permanent resident card I 551 form is used by renew resident alien card when the card has 10 year obtained or missing six months to ensure compliance.