Real estate litigation can resolve many real estate litigation matters, including landlord/tenant disputes, real estate contract disputes, lease and sales agreements, and many others. The property dispute lawyers at our firm have experience handling these issues and will make sure you are represented accordingly.
Most real estate disputes need experienced legal representation. Whether you are a seller, buyer, owner, or any other party involved in a dispute, we are here to answer any questions you may have.
It is possible to settle some real estate disputes through negotiating or mediation as long as the parties are able to agree, otherwise, the process can be complicated requiring a more aggressive approach such as litigation. Most property dispute lawyers try to solve the matter outside of the courtroom through negotiation first. If that does’ work out, real estate litigation may be considered.
A real estate lawyer Miami can help ensure that the seller of the property has a marketable property title and make sure that structures and assets are within the property purchased. The attorney will make sure full disclosure is available and warn clients about any potential problems with the property. There are also some paperwork and real estate contracts, which attorneys are familiar with. They will make sure their clients’ needs are properly represented.
There are many real estate disputes. Whether that includes disputes between tenants and landlords, foreclosures, zoning issues, construction issues, and neighbor disputes, or any other disputes that may arise when a property is purchased, it is essential you hire adequate real representation.
Residential property is for private using while commercial property is intended for industrial or business purposes. Some common private properties include townhouses, condominiums, and single-family homes. Commercial properties include shopping malls, parking garages, apartment buildings, and even farmland.
A real estate transaction involves transferring ownership of property from one party to another. This legal process covers transactions related to residential or commercial property and may range in value based on the property’s worth.
The title is essential evidentiary support of ownership. If you are purchasing a residential or commercial property, it is important you have real estate lawyer Miami review your title. The title should be clear to guarantee the appropriate transfer of ownership and help avoid future problems if the property is sold.