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Although you may not know this, brain injuries are common. Every day we receive cases that need the help of a Miami brain injury lawyer to defend the interests of victims who have suffered accidents, falls or traumatic events and lack legal advice to enforce their rights and receive the compensation they deserve.

The brain controls our body, our mood, our character, what we think, what we feel, in other words, everything. It is a real tragedy to suffer a brain injury because this affects you physically and psychologically and often leaves situations that can limit your life both in the short and long term.

Do you know that if you or a family member or friend has suffered a brain injury, you can get help, and even compensation to help you through this challenging time? The brain injury lawyers at Gallardo Law Firm are experts in the field and work together with clients and family members to alleviate their pain and financial problems.

Brain Injury Cases we handle

Recovering from a brain injury can be very difficult, and at the same time, you need medical attention, consultations, medical equipment, personnel at your disposal. All this translates into an extended period in which you usually invest a lot of money to be able to recover, and sometimes you do not recover at all.

In extreme cases, a brain injury can cause death and then it is family and friends who are left helpless emotionally as well as monetarily. The Brain Injury Lawyers of Gallardo Law Firm are here to make your life easier and more bearable.

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Trip and falls
  • Work accidents
  • Negligence cases
  • Among others

At Gallardo Law Firm our Brain Injury Lawyers are kept up to date with all legal regulations and are prepared to show that this type of injury could have been prevented if people and most companies correctly followed the corresponding safety standards and as they should, to protect their employees in their work centers.

The brain injury lawyers of Gallardo Law Firm have advisors, doctors, and have an entire team to cover the whole legal process and make sure that there is not a single detail left to be addressed and presented in court. They will know how to demonstrate how the events occurred, why was the brain damage caused? They will follow up on the doctor's visits, medical attention received, therapies, and all the time you have been unable to work. They will help you recover any salary you have been without. They understand the suffering and pain that you or your family is going through, and they will fight to the end so that in return you receive the maximum compensation.

Common causes of brain injuries

Do you know what a brain injury is? A brain injury affects the person emotionally, physically and in their behavior. A human being can be born with a brain injury, but also during his life he can suffer from an injury, after a trauma, an accident or illness. It will depend on the cause if the brain injury can be called traumatic or non-traumatic.

The most common causes of traumatic brain injuries are:

  • Accidents of cars, motorcycles, and trucks.
  • Falls, slips, and high-risk accidents.
  • Violence or bullet wounds.
  • Military attack or bomb explosion.

The most common causes of non-traumatic brain injuries are

  • Vascular brain accident
  • The lack of oxygen
  • Tumors
  • Brain infection or inflammation

Sometimes we get cases in which the victim suffered an accident and was not able to realize in time that he was suffering from a brain trauma; because he had no bruises or external blows. The brain injury lawyers advise that if you experience any of the following symptoms, do not delay in asking for medical help and immediately call an attorney.

Symptoms of a brain injury:

  • A headache
  • Lack of balance and coordination
  • Blurred vision.
  • Seizures
  • A difference in sensory perception
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Change in personality
  • Unable to organize your thoughts, or choose the right words to say that express what you are feeling.
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss

If you have suffered an accident at work or have had a car accident and are suffering from these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. Time is an essential element to have in your favor; for your health and also to help you in your legal process.

Elements involved in a traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

Florida statutes and civil liability laws require certain legal elements to be complied with to establish a claim. The brain injury attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm must demonstrate and prove each of these elements, find evidence, witnesses, and documents they will build an entire case to get the victim compensated and receive the highest compensation to which he can aspire.

Facility responsibility:
Commercial property owners have to inspect the facilities and fix the defects that arise in them. In case they do not have enough time to repair the problem, they must at least place notice the dangerous; If this is not the case, the owner of this place will be held liable for the injuries of the injured person.

Product liability:
A company can be found responsible for injuries when they do not design or manufacture a product that is safe for consumers. They must make a product with quality, without imperfections and also put the warnings and instructions necessary to use or consume that product and that no one gets hurt, injured or sick.

Medical malpractice:
Physicians are obligated to provide quality professional care if they are irresponsible in their treatment, or they omit some procedure to follow and this causes damage to the patient, they must assume the responsibility of having caused such injury.

The causality is established between the corporation or company and the actions of the person and their injuries. A defendant will be liable only for the damages he caused, and a person or company may be charged partially guilty if he has a percentage of liability under Florida's negligent comparative law.

When we refer to damages, we are talking about the losses that the victim has. A brain injury lawyer will explain to you that you will be compensated for the loss of salary, for expenses related to your injury, for medical bills, for the loss of your work or the decrease of it. But there are also the non-economic damages, which are the human damages, it is all the pain and suffering that happens to the person suffering from the brain injury and even his family.

Time limits for TBI claims in Miami

A person who has suffered a brain injury has up to 2 years to present their case. Of course, it is counted from the date on which the individual sustained his injury, going forward. The statute of limitations varies for minors and is different in each case, but the time limit for filing a legal claim is approximately two years. A brain injury lawyer from Gallardo Law Firm will explain all the time restrictions to be able to legally file your claim and the best legal way to do so.

How a Miami brain injury lawyer can help you with your case

A Miami brain injury lawyer will not be able to turn back time. They cannot heal or reverse the injury you already have, but they can make the people responsible for your situation pay for it.

They will get you specific help, assert your rights, and they will be in charge of getting you back the money you already invested and the money you have to pay for the medical bills and treatments you have to pay. They will make sure to get you proper compensation for all the trauma and pain that you are going through.

To achieve that goal you must:

Build the strongest case possible

Build a stable and robust case: From the beginning, an experienced lawyer will document all the necessary information. You will have all incident reports filed, police reports, witness statements, medical summaries. The attorney will even anticipate arguments or situations that may happen during the legal process and in court.

Fight to recover the compensation you deserve

Fight for the highest compensation you deserve. Many people are unaware of all the damages related to the injury they suffer, and how they can be compensated for them. An experienced Miami brain injury lawyer will know what the best way to proceed is. They will demand the maximum compensation you need, at this challenging time in your life. In such a way that you can recover both the economic damages as well as the emotional cost of suffering and limitations in the development of a full

Protect your best interests

A brain injury lawyer knows the types of damages the victim is suffering and the compensation he should demand in return. Do you know that you can get back the money you are spending on transportation for going to appointments with different specialists or for receiving speech therapy or another related to your brain injury? Many people have no idea of all these variants and do not earn the money that by law belongs to them.

On the other hand, a brain injury lawyer will gather the evidence of all the damages caused and will defend your interests until a fair agreement is reached for you.

Gallardo Law Firm representing victims of brain Injury accidents

At Gallardo Law Firm, a brain injury lawyer is entirely familiar with this type of traumatic brain injury and accidents. From the most common causes to the recovery process and one of the most important aspects: how to prove the responsibility of the person at fault that caused this situation in which a person was affected with a brain injury.

If as your support your brain injury lawyer in Miami has all this information, is experienced and aggressive, no one better than him to defend you, to demand your rights, to prove that someone made a mistake or that they committed an injustice with you.

You can rest easy if you or your family seeks support from a Miami brain injury lawyer at Gallardo Law Firm. Remember that our first consultation is free. Call us, and you will not regret it.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when you receive a blunt force on the head and the standard functions of your brain decline. In this case, you need a brain injury lawyer because they know in depth all the details of this type of incident and how to represent you legally, so that you receive compensation from the person who was responsible for your brain injury.
It's hard to say exactly, but almost 1.7 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injury each year. The most alarming is that more than 52,000 dies from a brain injury type 1 and approximately 125,000 are affected for life by a type 2 brain injury. In any of the 2 cases, both victims and family have asked for legal help, and in a way, another brain injury lawyers have helped alleviate the trauma and living conditions of these people.
The leading causes of TBI are: Slip and fall and Traffic accidents with motor vehicles.
Brain injury lawyers, like all lawyers, reach an agreement with clients. Each case is unique and different. Our first consultation is free, so we always recommend that you come in person. If you want more information go to the contingency rate article for injury rate.
Your claim will depend on the circumstances in which you suffered the brain damage. You can file legal cases to claim your condition if you were involved in a traffic accident if you fell or tripped or were attacked or assaulted if you had an accident at work; if you were hospitalized due to malpractice of a doctor or due to the carelessness of the hospital that caused the brain incident. All these are situations in which you can present a legal case and demand compensation, if you have more doubts about it, remember that our first consultation is free and the brain injury lawyers of Gallardo Law Firm are at your disposal.
Everything depends on the magnitude of your injury and what you need to recover. Of course, an excellent personal injury lawyer with the right information and experience that characterizes us can win your case and demand fair compensation. Among the benefits that a brain injury lawyer will earn for you are: Financial help to pay: doctor appointments, treatments, therapies, and transportation. Loss of work, domestic support, and compensation for all the suffering caused not only to you but your family members also.
Time is an ally that we should always have in our favor, but that does not mean that your case will be dismissed. Sometimes some people realize months after the accident, that they have suffered brain damage. That is why it is always recommended that after a blow to the head you should see a doctor and then call a lawyer.
Doctors can diagnose a brain injury with the following tests: X-rays, A Tomography, An MRI, Vision and hearing tests, A psychological assessment, Blood test
Sports leagues, schools, coaches must all take the necessary measures so that athletes do not take risks. Come to our first consultation that is free and the lawyers of Gallardo Law Firm will study your case and determine if we can make a legal claim so that you receive compensation.
If the evidence shows that the owner of the place did not deal with danger on the property and this caused your injuries, our brain injury lawyers in Miami can help you file your case legally.