Gallardo Lawyers is proud to be a partner with The de Moya Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides employment opportunities for young adults with unique abilities who have disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and Cerebral Palsy.

About the Foundation

The de Moya Foundation builds long-term partnerships with employers and provides support to employees through:

  • Employment Initiative Project
  • Employment Support Fund
  • Power-up for Jobs

The goal

Many young people with disabilities that possess extraordinary ability in areas such as the sciences, education, arts, business, and athletics are currently either unemployed or underpaid. Unfortunately, they are denied the opportunity to enter the workforce and grow their talent.

Gallardo has partnered with The de Moya Foundation to continue Bridging Dreams to Reality by employing young adults with unique abilities at our firm. We want to offer them the hope, the confidence, and the independence they need to integrate into the community and succeed as professionals.

Helping young adults reach their full potential

moya foundation partnership employe
moya foundation partnership employe at work

Our partnership with The de Moya Foundation helps young adults with unique abilities by:

  • Introducing them into a professional work environment
  • Helping them become self-sufficient
  • Instilling confidence and independence
  • Teaching the importance of self-worth

Community involvement by Gallardo Lawyers

Gallardo takes seriously its commitment to give back to the community it serves. Through partnering with non-profit organizations, we help deserving individuals and communities in Miami receive the hands-on assistance they need. Our goal is to join forces with non-profit groups that work on improving the lives of the less fortunate. We take an active role in community issues through our legal services, scholarship sponsorship to help fund Hispanic higher education and other future projects that will help us expand our horizons and continue having a positive impact on the world.