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Employee class action lawsuit in Miami

At Gallardo Law Firm we have dealt with collective and class actions cases and being able to collect benefits for our clients. Some employees come to us because their employer is not paying them overtime. We investigate their class action claim and find out in more details about all the issues involved. Oftentimes these workers were classified incorrectly, which means the employer was withholding part of their income.

If you need legal assistance filing a collective class action, one of our Miami class action attorneys can assist you with your case. Wage disputes can be quarrelsome therefore it’s good you have someone on your side handling your case. Reach out to us and one of our attorneys will assist your right away.

What is a collective action?

In order to bring a collective action, workers should be under similar circumstances. Even when these workers perform other duties in different departments, they are entitled to collectively challenge any wrong practice that may be occurring in several departments to a number of employees.

There is a two-year limit for filing this type of lawsuit under the FLSA or three years in cases where the employer willfully violated the law. It’s best you contact an attorney that specializes in these matters to tell you whether or not it’s a good idea filing collectively. Sometimes its better you settle with your employer rather than involve more co-workers.

Miami Employment lawyers defending your employee rights

Our attorneys have years of experience handling employment class actions disputes. Among the several matters we have handled are failure to pay employees their full wages, earned tips, hours worked, and overtime.

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At Gallardo Law Firm we are committed to our clients. We endeavor to work on your case as timely and effectively as possible. You can trust our expertise and legal advice to lead the way. Contact us today at (305) 261-7000. One of our Miami class action attorneys can tell you what to do in this particular situation.