The mother or father can complete an application for serviceids and an affidavit of paternity. If the parent is not willing to sign an affidavit of voluntary parenthood, in Gallardo Law Firm, the child support attorney Miami can order DNA testing to determine paternity of children.
Yes, it is necessary to establish the paternity of your child, because it could happen that a disability or death and the children are helpless. Also you are now paying child support but cannot guarantee to change your mind and stop paying it. Children feel safer after learning that they have a legal father who keeps, educates and gives them all a number of benefits that come with parenthood in Miami.
Paternity can affect the child custody because if it is not legally the father of the child, the mother can bring him before a judge who is not granted custody or visitation, claiming that it has no relationship with the child.
If request serviceids are sent to the Division of Child Support to establish paternity, you will be asked about the men who could be the father of the child. It is very important that the mother provide all possible information to help determine the identity of the father.
The State of Florida maintains direct connections to other states, as the law allows states to maintain relationships, to be able to fulfill them. So you have to fulfill their duties of child support wherever you are living.
If you do not pay your child support would have to be involved in a series of requirements that are imposed to enforce the court order to direct child support Miami. We can mention some of them: Instruct their employers to withdraw money directly from your salary for child support. Diverting money earned by other external means like the lottery or tax returns to the government. The suspension of your drivers license would be one of the measures to be taken. The person with child custody can sue the judge to issue a direct order that you have to fulfill their duties as a father. Could go to jail for contempt of a direct court order.
Yes, both parents are responsible for keeping the children, but usually the parent not living with the child have to pay any child support.
Parents are responsible for their children until she or he is of most age, i.e. up to 21 years old, or until they have finished studying and they can solve all their problems by theirs self. Also the fathers love and what you can do for their, it is forever.
The child support is an important point at our Gallardo Law Firm, where we know how to deal professionally, because children need care and protection of their parents until the age of majority and if they are not having the proper education and economy, could affect in the development of the childrens life.
After being informed about your obligations to the child support, also the Jude will tell you how much will be the total amount due to pay. Besides agree who will assume the maintenance, payment of health insurance and other expenses involved in the life of the child or children. Also you will know: Costs for the custody of children. The costs of medical serviceids not covered by insurance. Extracurricular activities such as sports, boating holidays and vacations among others. The costs to cover shared with the children and other expenses while.
After separation, come divorce proceedings and with it all other paperwork that usually spend a couple after separation, it include the equitable division of property ownership, support to spouse support and especially their children.
Gallardo Law Firm Miami offers legal representation in the field if required. Go to our offices and the child support attorney will help you in the development of the whole process.