Salomón Valladares Family Lawyer


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Salomón Valladares, Esq.

Salomón's professional experience in different areas of the law has given him special preparation to solve cases of great complexity. His skills in areas like Civil Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law have made him one of the most versatile lawyers in our firm.

Family Law cases are particularly delicate. The emotions involved often turn these processes into bitter disputes. Salomón is known for providing his clients with a service that's performed with the utmost empathy and diplomacy, making burdensome processes lighter to navigate. This is achieved while keeping the expertise and shrewdness that are the trademarks of great lawyers. His practice is also characterized by the understanding that a good lawyer-client relationship is fundamental to success in legal disputes.

Salomón demonstrates professional dexterity by handling Civil and Criminal Law, two of the most complicated branches of justice. His passion for advocacy works in his clients' favor to achieve the best terms possible for each case.


Juris Doctor,
from St. Thomas University, College of Law. May 2023

Bachelor’s in liberal arts,
from Florida International University. May 2020

Certified in Translations,
from Florida International University. May 2020

Member of the Bar,
in the state of Florida

Member of the judicial team,
from St. Thomas University, College of Law


Spanish / English