Act Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCPA) allows you to take legal action against debt collectors who illegally intimidate you, call you at odd hours, make false allegations about debts, and any other acts prohibited by law. 
You do not have to argue anything with a collector unless you want to. You are not mandatory to answer the phone. You are not mandatory to talk to a collector. You are not mandatory to answer questions of collection. You do not need to tell the truth about your financial affairs. It is necessary to recognize that you owe money. This is very important if you are claiming an old debt. If you recognize the debt, this could actually extend the length of time that the collector can be sued for it.
You can receive up to $ 1,000 per case. You can sue for statutory, punitive and actual damages for stress-related injuries and others.
Yes, Many of these attacking and ruthless companies call to tell your employer about your debt, use putrid language, threaten to put him in jail or claim to be a police officer or Federal employee. All these actions are illegal and violate the FDCPA.
A creditor may only contact you between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm.
The creditor must show proof that you have the debt within the period of time that you were contacted. If the accusation is untrue and the creditor continues to intimidate you, you can contact a law firm to obtain effective legal aid.
They are, but with restrictions. If you tell them in writing that they are not allowed to contact you at work, then they cannot. If they do it, it is a violation of the law. They may not discuss your debt with your employer in any way.