These injuries can be caused by repetitive workplace activities, work tasks that require excessive force, awkward postures, and environmental factors such as slip and fall hazards.
Keep in mind that a sprain is when the ligaments are overstretched and a strain is the tearing or overstretching of muscle and tendon. Symptoms of a sprain include inflammation, muscle pain, hampered movement, bruising and tenderness. Symptoms of a strain include weakness, cramping pain, bruising, immobility, and swelling.
According to Florida law, you have up to 30 days to report the injury to your employer. You will fill out forms such as the 1st Report of injury at the time you visit your workers comp doctor. This process can lead to a smoother claim.
The National Institute of Health lists the following: pain and swelling, cramping, muscle spasms and weakness, difficulty moving the muscle
Doctors often recommend physical therapy, adjustments, home exercises, elevation, compression, ice, and functional rehabilitation.
Strains and sprains are considered repetitive trauma, which can be difficult to prove and claim under worker’s comp. If you feel that certain part of your body is strained and the injury was partly caused by your job duties, talk to your employer so your injuries are documented properly and visit your doctor so that you can determine the impact of your job tasks on your pain level. You can also visit your employer’s worker’s comp doctor. Once the doctors agree that you are unable to work as a result of these injuries, you will ask your employer for the 1st Report of Injury form and file it accordingly. Don’t forget to contact a worker’s comp attorney in Miami to learn more about your rights and options.