Can workers return to work after injury?

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Is It Possible For Injured Workers To Continue Working At The Same Company?

This is a common question many employees ask themselves. As long as the worker is physically able to perform the duties he or she was previously performing at work, the answer is yes. However, if you are not earning 80% of the wages you can still collect benefits. Even if you apply for another job and get hired you will still be able to collect worker’s compensation benefits.

At Gallardo Law Firm we are very familiar with all the possible questions and scenarios after you suffer an injury at work. Our attorneys can help you with any concerns you may have about your Florida workers' compensation claim. Although insurance companies and employers have been dealing with claims for quite a while, they tend to respect more clients with a lawyer representing them. An attorney has the experience required for these types of cases. Even if the employer retaliates against you after you file a worker’s comp claim, you will be prepared to protect your rights.

Your Legal Needs Meet When Filing a Workers' Compensation Case

It’s common for injured employees to feel afraid about reporting an injury to the company they work for. Every worker who suffered injuries at work has the right to file a worker’s compensation claim and receive benefits. You can return to work as usual after the doctor clears you.

Many employees don’t hire a lawyer because they are afraid of the outcome and the hostile environment this will create at work. An employer can’t fire you. It’s simply illegal and a possible wrongful termination lawsuit against the employer. Even when circumstances have evolved this far, our attorneys are able to claim your rights through a wrongful termination suit. We cover all areas of worker’s compensation.

Learn About Your Rights during Your First Consultation

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