Who is eligible for workers’ Compensation?

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People who have an accident at work or suffer an injury while they are at their workplace have the right to receive compensation.

Of course, they must meet certain requirements to be eligible. If you do not know them, here are some cases so that you know who is eligible for workers’ compensation and who is fully entitled to demand it.

If you are a contractor, you are paid in cash or by check, you are an undocumented worker, you were hired through a personal company or through a leasing agency; is eligible. Even if you suffered some damage and your employer is not directly responsible but is linked to the fact and the circumstances in which the accident occurred, you have guilty charges.

Those people who work in docks, docks, piers, bridges, shipyards and defense bases, can avail themselves of two very specific laws that support them: "the law of compensation of maritime and port workers (LHWCA) or the law of defense (DBA).

You should also know that it does not matter if you are a part-time or full-time worker, in fact, if you only worked 30 minutes in your workplace and had an accident, you are eligible for workers' compensation.

If you have any questions and still do not know if you have all the conditions, call us.

Who is not entitled to receive worker’s comp?

There are companies that have 3 workers or less and are not required to pay workers' compensation insurance. And on other occasions, it can happen that if the worker does not appeal at the time in which he suffered the accident or the injury caused in his workplace, he loses the possibility of winning his case and demanding compensation.

You should also know that compensation for a worker covers 90 percent of injuries that occur in the workplace, but you will not be eligible if:

  • Work under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • He is committing some crime
  • Violates the politics and the regulations of your company
  • The injury is self-inflicted. (Start a fight at work)

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Every day workers of all labor sectors suffer from accidents or injuries in their jobs. We can make sure they get the compensation they deserve. Each case is unique, so do not delay in asking for legal help, the time in your favor can be a primary factor in winning the case. No injuries of more or less importance, all workers deserve attention, from a fall of a builder to a secretary who suffers from a burnout or presents a cumulative trauma, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Gallardo law Firm is committed to demanding the maximum benefits of workers' compensation insurance that you deserve. The salary replacement, if you need a new job, that receives the necessary help for physical therapy, hospitalization, medical tests, etc.

If you are still wondering, who is eligible to receive workers' compensation? Do not worry, call us and leave it in our hands. For you, the most important thing must be the quick recovery, we make sure of your compensation. Gallardo law Firm

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No. Whenever your injury is related to your job, it will be covered. For example, you will be covered if you suffer an injury while on a business trip, doing work-related commissions, or even if you are attending a social gathering required for your work.
In some states, you have the right to see your own doctor if you make the request in writing before the injury. However, injured workers are referred to a doctor hired and paid by their employers. Your doctor's report will have a big impact on the benefits you will receive. Keep in mind that the doctor paid by your employer's insurance company is not your friend. The desire to have a future business with your employer or the insurance company can motivate the doctor to minimize the severity of your injury or identify the injury as a pre-existing condition.
The compensation will be unique in each case, but often covers: Medical expenses Payments for lost wages Physical rehabilitation Benefits due to death
All workers receive the same benefits, they just have to be working. You can receive worker's compensation benefits even if you are undocumented and you are paid in cash.