No. Whenever your injury is related to your job, it will be covered. For example, you will be covered if you suffer an injury while on a business trip, doing work-related commissions, or even if you are attending a social gathering required for your work.
In some states, you have the right to see your doctor if you request in writing before the injury. However, injured workers are referred to a doctor hired and paid by their employers. Yet your doctor's report will have a significant impact on the benefits you will receive. Keep in mind that the doctor paid by your employer's insurance company is not your friend. The desire to have future business with your employer or the insurance company can motivate the doctor to minimize the severity of your injury or identify the injury as a pre-existing condition.
The compensation will be unique in each case, but often covers medical expenses, payments for lost wages, physical rehabilitation, and compensation for wrongful death.
All workers receive the same benefits as long as they are working. You can receive worker's compensation benefits even if you are undocumented and you are paid in cash.