Every specific case affects charges differently. Drug crimes are generally charged as federal offenses when the offender has been involved in a crime with large amounts of an illegal substance or have been transporting drugs over the states or national borders.
From the moment you are aware you have become involved in any type of criminal allegations, even if formal charges have not been filed. A legal professional representing your interest is very important, he or she will investigate the charges brought against you and advocate in your behalf.
This depends on the crime which the person has been convicted for. Sex crimes involving children may be punishable for life in prison. Repercussions for federal sex crime offenders are very severe. The best thing to do is to hire a competent legal professional to get counseling and answers to your questions.
Within the crimes considered by the federal court system as misdemeanors we can mention assault and sexual abuse if they do not cause severe damages. The possession of small amounts of drugs, for example, a small amount of marijuana is also considered a misdemeanor. Violating traffic laws while no major consequences occur such as injuries and destruction of the traffic property is also consider a misdemeanor. The federal crimes considered felonies are determined by groups, i.e.: Government Operations: Attacking federal members or public employees, stealing the government properties, and forgery. Illegal trade between states: Retention of American aircraft and transportation of stolen property. Counterfeiting and theft of credit cards. Legal proceedings: Obstruct the judicial laws, deny or falsify information to the feds. Violent crimes: People arresting, robberies, possession of illegal weapons, carjacking. Crimes against children and women: Harassment against women, not complying with child support, and sexual abuse. Trafficking illegal drugs through the airport and the port of Miami Florida.
Yes. It is punishable by up to $250,000 in fines and some years in federal prison. If this is your case, do not wait to hire a crime attorney to work and fight to protect your interest.
Yes, victims of crime have much right to be reimbursed. The FBI recognizes that people who were victims of federal crimes are fully entitled to receive adequate protection and include: Get adequate cooperation from the person who committed the crime. Inform them of the defendants sentence or otherwise the release. Victims sometimes are allowed to attend the trials of the offending. The compensation of all damages caused in accordance with law and in a specific period of time. Victims deserve to be treated with courtesy and decency.