Intimidation and threats mean the same thing; sometimes threats can be mild or imagined, but become intimidation when they turn into serious and produce terror in the victims to be injured.
The difference between the offenses is based on the severity of the injury. The aggravated assault requires that the suspect caused or intended to cause severe injury in the body, and the simple assault only demands proof that the suspect caused or intended to cause bodily injury.
To obtain a restraining order, you need to present to the court the simple assault case. The victim should go with the completed form to the court in Miami. Customers may need a restraining order lawyer for your court appearance. However, in a temporary restraining order, plaintiffs may not need lawyers to restraining orders. Gallardo Lawyers specialize in all these formalities, they will ask the judge through the Protection Act, a restraining order to protect customers from attacks.
Orders usually last more than three weeks. The order is declared valid upon the defendant notice of the order contained. When the defendant appears at the hearing, the judge will decide the period of time that the restraining order will be granted. Orders can take up to 5 years depending on the damage that occurred with aggression.
An assault is considered a third degree when a person assaults another purposely using a deadly weapon and causes physical damage that could lead to death.
The physical assault is considered when a person physically assaults another and causes injury and can even cause death.
There is no federal law that defines the assaults because these usually are sentenced in state court, even when the assault occurs against a federal official the penalty for assault might be different and can be accused of an attempted aggravated assault.
The assault in the workplace is violence that causes one person to another either physical or verbal within the place of work which may be temporary or permanent. These assaults at work can be directed either to customers, strangers, between workers and a boss to the employee.