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Every day, immigrants in the United States deal with immigration circumstances that are very complex to handle without an in-depth understanding of immigration law. If you are an immigrant willing to invest in your future and the future of your loved ones, you must put your immigration case in the hands of a capable immigration lawyer Miami. It is crucial to find an immigration lawyer Miami who not only provides experienced immigration representation but also genuinely cares for you.

At Gallardo Law Firm, our immigration defense is equipped to handle even the most complex immigration matter. An immigration lawyer Miami understands the fight is against something greater than your legal rights. It is about delivering opportunities, bringing families together, and above all, providing a future when there is none.

If you currently have unanswered immigration questions and don’t know where to turn, an immigration lawyer Miami may be the best answer to your situation. The first step is to understand your rights and proceed to claim them with the help of a capable immigration lawyer Miami.

This article will help you gain a better understanding of immigration law and how it can work on your favor. You will learn about immigration cases we handle and how you can find protection should a misunderstanding or violation occurs. Gallardo Law Firm provides legal immigration representation to all immigrants notwithstanding their background. To gain a better understanding of your situation, you can schedule an immigration consultation with an immigration lawyer Miami.

Serving Clients in Miami, South Florida & Abroad

There are a variety of legal issues that can threaten the safety of immigrants in South Florida and abroad. No matter what you are currently dealing with, we can help you find the best outcome for your immigration case. Many immigrants residing in South Florida deal with pressing legal issues.

Unfortunately, the arrests of undocumented immigrants have nearly doubled in the area under the Trump administration. In 2017 alone, about 7,100 removals were reported in Miami. Likewise, many immigrants residing abroad have a legitimate fear they can’t lawfully return to the United States and be reunited with their families.

Immigration practice areas

We endeavor to represent clients in a variety of immigration cases through continuous dedication. Our immigration attorneys will find creative and effective solutions to your immigration problem and find the quickest and most effective strategies to obtain lawful permanent residency.

Family-Based Residency

Immigration laws are partly meant to unite families. But there are many ways to gain permanent legal status in the United States. Whether through a spouse, sibling, or any other family member, obtaining a family-based green card is possible when you hire adequate immigration defense. U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a family member living in another country can file petitions so they can come and stay on a permanent basis.

The application process can be burdensome necessitating great attention to detail, which is why most people choose to hire an immigration attorney. The processing time will vary depending on crucial factors such as the status of the petitioner, whereabouts of the family member, country of origin, your relationship with the immigrant, and other specific requirements your immigration lawyer will handle.

Family preferences are categorized as follows:

  • F1 – Unmarried children of United States citizens.
  • F2 – Spouses, whether same sex or opposite sex, minor children, and sons and daughters (21 or older) and unmarried.
  • F3 – Children that are married with their spouses and small children.
  • F4 – Siblings of a United States citizen with their spouses and small children.

Employment-Based Residency

Foreign nationals can get a green card through employment in the United States. That is possible through sponsorship by a United States employer, even when the beneficiary is not working for them. However, in most cases, the foreign national is already working for the sponsoring employer at the time the green card is filed. The process of obtaining an employment-based green card can take a few years, and it involves several steps:

  • Determine whether the foreign a national is illegible under USCIS’s routes.
  • The sponsoring employer files a labor certification stating that no US worker can perform the tasks required for the job. Some employment categories may not need this certification.
  • Once the labor certification has been approved, Form I-140 (Immigrant Worker Petition) and Form I-485 (Adjustment of Status) are filed, depending on the circumstances of your case.
  • The Department of State grants an immigrant visa number and the applicant waits for the priority date to be current.
  • After the priory date is current, the applicant can either apply for adjustment of status if already in the US or go through consular processing when not in the country.

Deportation Defense

Those who are deported are often denied their legal rights and may experience severe personal, professional, and financial difficulties. Having a formal legal status is very important for immigrants looking to stay in the United States for a more extended period. Through sound legal advice tailored to their unique circumstances, undocumented immigrants who hire a deportation defense can experience the freedom to live in dignity.

Removal Proceedings – What to Expect

The deportation process involves several steps. It’s important to learn the basics of how the removal process works. This process starts with DHS sending a Notice to Appear (NTA). This document includes your name, country you were born, etc. and it orders you to appear before an immigration judge. The notice will have information such as when you will have to appear, how you broke immigration law, your right to hire legal counsel, and penalties for not appearing at the hearing.

You can apply for relief from removal if the judge determines that you can be deported. An immigration attorney can explain the whole process to you in more details, advise you of your rights, and provide a zealous deportation defense. It’s natural for removal proceedings to create anxiety. Although we can’t remove every obstacle, we can eliminate uncertainty and set the right expectations.

Immigration Defense for Criminal Convictions

Immigrants facing criminal charges should hire a criminal immigration attorney; otherwise, their uncertain circumstances may lead to deportation. Immigration lawyers with a strong background in criminal immigration defense can help you avoid lengthy detention and deportation. At Gallardo, we have experience requesting bonds for clients in ICE custody. The judge will determine whether the person can be released based on:

  • Whether the immigrant poses a threat to society.
  • The possibility of the individual fleeing after release.
  • Whether they qualify for immigration benefits.

While not everyone will qualify to be released, most people are. If you have family at an ICE detention center, it is essential you gather their criminal records and contact an immigration lawyer Miami to help you decide how your family member criminal history may impact the immigration case. Don’t wait for your loved one to face serious consequences and contact us today. Depending on the nature of the crime, nonimmigrants may encounter:

  • Deportation
  • ICE detention
  • Ineligible to obtain permanent residence and become a citizen
  • May lose immigration status
  • Complications when traveling outside of the country

Political Asylum

Persecution in your home country based on protected characteristics or circumstances such as your nationality, race, political opinion, religion, being a member of a social group, or taking part in social activities, may qualify you for political asylum. You can stay in the USA on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on your situation. Our nation was founded upon many freedoms, and nobody should face this type of persecution. However, you will need an experienced immigration attorney Miami by your side since this can be a complicated process to handle on your own.

Nonimmigrant Visas

If you want to come to the USA on a temporary basis, it is crucial you work with a capable immigration attorney to help you reach your immigration goals. There are many nonimmigrant visa options available. We can help you find the right one for you. Whether you are a religious worker, someone with extraordinary abilities, an investor from a qualifying country, a student who wishes to pursue studies in the United States, or in any other eligible category, it is essential you understand the regulations and legal guidelines for your specific case. Our immigration lawyers will assist you with nonimmigrant visas so that the process is less burdensome for you.

Immigrant Visas

Immigrating to the USA is a difficult decision for many. There are many ways to immigrate to the US and different types of immigrant visas you can choose from. An immigration lawyer will explain in more details the steps you should take, the required forms, and types of visas available.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a privilege not everyone can enjoy. To become a citizen, you must meet certain criteria. The citizenship process may be more complicated for some immigrants. That’s why it is advised to hire an immigration attorney Miami to lead the way.

Some of the legal requirements to become a citizen include:

  • Having a permanent residence for the required years.
  • Living in the United States at least half of those required number of years.
  • You have not spent a lot of time overseas (more than six months).
  • Living in the same state where you wish to apply for your residency.
  • At least 18 years old at the time of applying.
  • Good moral character and reputation.
  • Speak, read, and write English, know that you will be tested.
  • Pass a US history oral test.
  • Loyalty to the United States and serve in the army if required.

Residency for Victims of Criminal Activity and Violence Domestic

Immigrants are often susceptible to domestic violence. Many of these victims are afraid to speak out because of the consequences it may cause. A recent study by New York City shows that over 50% of victims of domestic abuse were immigrants. Nobody deserves this type of treatment. Thankfully, a domestic violence green card is available under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), to these victims under some specific circumstances.

To qualify, the victim must be the current or former spouse, parent or child of a US resident. A green card provides the victim with many opportunities, including the chance to work in the United States, apply for financial aid, and sponsor their children or spouse for US permanent residency and citizenship.

An Immigration Lawyer Miami Close To the Community

Our immigration lawyers want to hear your story and win your immigration case. We care about immigrants in our community and provide effective immigration representation during every stage of the immigration process. Don’t give your dreams of coming to America and becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the United States and call us today to schedule a free immigration consultation.

Protecting the Rights of Undocumented Immigrants

At Gallardo Law Firm, our immigration lawyers have represented many undocumented immigrants in South Florida, even those who have been charged with Florida crimes. Anybody who is undocumented can contact us, and we will treat them with the same dignity and respect. Unfortunately, many immigrants in our community suffer adverse immigration consequences because they don’t hire a capable immigration lawyer Miami.

Knowledge about Cuban Immigration Laws

A Cuban immigration lawyer can be a remarkable asset in South Florida, a region where Cuban Americans comprise over 50% of its population. Many Cuban émigrés have entered the United States and enjoyed many extraordinary immigration privileges. Hiring a resourceful Cuban immigration lawyer is essential to the outcome of your case since the dimensions of Cuban American immigration laws can be complex to handle on your own.

Dealing With the Consequences of Illegal Immigration

The consequences of illegal immigration can be many, depending on the nature of your immigration case. Illegal immigration can happen through acts such as:

  • Arriving in the United States illegally.
  • Entering the country by using false documents or through immigration fraud.
  • Bribing or lying to immigration officials.
  • Staying past the period of your temporary visa.
  • Fleeing during deportation proceedings.

Common penalties for illegal immigration include, removal from the USA, may not be able to re-enter for a period of time, criminal charges when applicable, and other consequences related to the specific immigration case.

Legal Advice and Immigration Representation for All Immigrants

Immigrants from different backgrounds can come to us and find legal assistance for their immigration circumstances. We are available to explain the steps to obtain legal residence and citizenship in the United States. Our experience immigration defense can help you achieve your immigration goals in the shortest possible time. Most of our immigration lawyers are bilingual, which allows you to communicate more effectively and resolve many complex issues in cases involving green cards, visas, marriage, employment, relatives, and so on.

Why Choose An Immigration Lawyer Miami From Gallardo Law Firm?

Our immigration attorneys are known for their integrity and high ethical standards. The outcome of your case highly depends on the caliber of your immigration lawyer Miami. You can trust an immigration attorney Miami to handle your immigration circumstances promptly and effectively. We welcome you to call us today for a free case review where we will answer any immigration questions you may have. We will be happy to guide you towards a favorable resolution of your immigration case.

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Temporary worker visas are for individuals entering the country for temporary employment. A petition must first be filed by the prospective employer at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) office. The petition must be approved in order for the individual to apply for a work visa.
You can apply for this at the local Social Security Administration office right after you receive employment authorization. This is very crucial in order to collect Social Security benefits and also benefit from different government services.
You can pay federal income taxes with an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).To find out more information on how to obtain an ITIN, visit the IRS site at
Becoming a citizen of United States is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. You will be able to enjoy the many benefits a citizen of this nation is enticed to. However, these rights and privileges are only received after going through the application process. Some things to consider before applying may include: The person must be a legal permanent resident. At least 18 years of age the person didn't make any other country a permanent home during their residency in the U.S. The resident should pass English and History test the individual must have a clean criminal record.
Stay of deportation or stay removal is when the citizen faces deportation and requests temporary postponement. The first thing to consider is hiring a professional immigration lawyer to help with such a complicated process. The deportation can be postponed depending on where you are in the legal process and who is handling your case. The basic types of deportation include: Administrative stay of deportation: filled with a federal agency of the federal government Judicial stay of deportation: filled with a federal court Automatic stay of deportation: it goes into effect only when the foreign individual is filing an appeal.
There are two ways to bring your spouse or future spouse to the United States: Fiancé Visa (K-1): The fiancé of the citizen must first file a K-1 in order to travel to the U.S. And marry the U.S. Citizen during the first 90 days since their arrival. Once married, the fiancé must apply to become a permanent resident. Marriage Visa (K-3): This visa can help reduce the physical separation between the U.S. citizen and foreign spouse. It allows the spouse to enter the country as a non-immigrant while also waiting for the green card process to be completed.
The case law for asylum is always changing. Some factors should be considered before applying: Confinement and medical documentation are generally required Home country's Human Rights Report Witnesses' affidavits A detailed legal brief explaining or outlining the law as it pertains to the person's particular needs.
A United States resident or lawful permanent resident can help certain relatives to become permanent residents of U.S. The first step to take is to file an I-130, a form used to prove the government the individual you are filing the petition for is your relative and not just some random person. These are the most common petitions filed: Parents Children or step-children Spouse Fiancé.