Your Notary is Not an Immigration Attorney

Your Notary is Not an Immigration Attorney

By Emma Johnson
On 25 Nov, 2016

    …neither is el vecino de tu tío

    In most countries of Latin America, the public notary is who people turn to to resolve their legal matters, as most notaries are attorneys. For this reason, the Florida bar issued a stern warning earlier this week warning against the perils of having a non-lawyer notary handle your immigration case. Citing an up rise in cases in Florida where immigration cases have been harmed after being handled by a non-lawyer notary, resulting in deportation and other sever consequences.

    Driving around Miami, it’s hard to miss the advertisements promising “Help with Immigration and Visa. Help with immigration forms”. While these services are often honest about the fact they are not attorneys, receiving incorrect legal advice can lead to the severe consequences, as many in south Florida are learning. Many immigrant families fear the costs associated with hiring an immigration attorney. At the Gallardo Law Firm, we proudly offer our clients big firm experience at boutique prices. While you are certainly welcome to have a friend or family member review your forms or translate, don’t allow a non-attorney complete any forms on your behalf.

    When dealing with immigration matters, you will quickly learn that many documents are time sensitive, and there is a large legal burden placed on the applicant. Contact a seasoned immigration attorney who can help you navigate the process and who will prioritize your case. The Gallardo Law Firm can help you file petitions and offer coaching services to prepare you for interviews. Having the right immigration lawyer can be the catalyst in the outcome of your pending immigration matters. Don’t risk your family’s future by attempting to navigate the law alone, allow the immigration professionals at the Gallardo Law firm assist you.

    The immigration law landscape is changing. The immigration professionals at the Gallardo Law firm are familiar with courts in Florida and extend this experience to your family. We specialize in work permits, immigration, citizenship, green cards, matters of asylum, and many more. If you or a family member have fallen victim to a non-attorney notary or third party, call the immigration lawyers at the Gallardo Law firm to get your case back on track. Your future may depend on it.