When is a Miami Immigration Lawyer necessary?

When is a Miami Immigration Lawyer necessary?

By Claire Gray
On 04 Apr, 2014

    When applying for either a green card or immigrant visa in the United States or overseas it is not required to have a lawyer. However, there are various amount of situations in which the assistance of an immigration lawyer Miami is necessary by saving you a numerous amount of time and frustration. Immigration is infamously, wildly complicated, and is run by a bureaucracy that has fewer oversight and public surveillance than expected. However there is a possibility of obtaining a green card or visa without the assistance of a lawyer . In order to receive the green card of visa you must have no record of no crimes or negative encounters with immigration authorities and have the eligibility for the benefits you seek. Although it is possible for you to complete the process without the assistance of a lawyer, below are some of the reasons that make the process make you feel more at ease with a miami immigration lawyer.

    When in Immigration Court Affairs

    If you have been in immigration court deportation proceedings it is crucial to seek the assistance of a lawyer as soon as possible. Your entire immigration circumstances are in the power of the courts if the proceedings have not been completed or are on appeal, which will get you nowhere if you are using the same application procedures as those individuals who are not in the proceedings. Regardless if the proceedings have been finished, it is still crucial to obtain the assistance of a lawyer to know if the outcome affects your current application.

    When you are Inadmissible

    One of the most prevalent legal issues that immigrants experience is the claim by the consulate or the USCIS that they are inadmissible for one or more reasons. These reasons are stated in a section known as “Inadmissibility: When the U.S. Can Keep You Out.” Some of the potential examples consist of previously lying to the U.S. government or if you have committed a crime. If you are aware that these circumstances have happen to you, it is crucial to obtain legal assistance prior to beginning the application process.

    If you are Overpowered by Paperwork

    Regardless of the type of U.S. immigration application you are filing, you will likely be asked to follow with detailed instructions about obtaining more paperwork and fees. If the application has a mistake, you have the possibility of the application being delayed, returned, or maybe even rejected.