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When your landlord-tenant dispute escalates into World War III

The lack of affordable housing coupled with constant landlord harassment is more than a humble tenant could bear. As insignificant as you may feel, if you are a tenant, you have a voice...

Will Facebook end ads that discriminate against protected groups?

Attorney General Bob Ferguson recently announced that Facebook signed an agreement with his office to make essential changes where third-party advertisers can no longer exclude immigrants, LGBTQ people, religious and ethnic minorities, or any other group legally protected under the Fair Housing Act...

The Florida Foreclosure Process - What You Need to Know

Almost 10 years after the devastating real estate crash in Miami, many residents still see the ghosts of that time in their neighborhoods in the abandoned homes everywhere. Caused by the nightmarish economic recession which had the nation in its grip, unforeseen financial...

Foreclosure Consultants: How to distinguish the cons from the genuine!

Going through a hard time or financial situation can make you an easy target for people with dishonest intentions. When your mortgage lender takes court and legal action to foreclose your property, the fact that you have defaulted or failed to pay your mortgage payments becomes a subject of public records.

Purchasing Foreclosure Homes in Miami

When debating whether or not you are able to purchase a home that is up for foreclosure, there are a few questions you must ask yourself prior to following through. Below are some of the questions you must have the ability to answer yes to when debating if purchasing a distressed home is a good choice for you.

New Home Buyers Tax Credit

Being a first time home buyer does not necessarily mean it must be the first house that you have ever purchased. A first time buyer is considered by the law to be an individual who has not owned a primary place of residence within the three years prior to the ongoing purchase

How Mortgage Loan modification programs work?

In order to evade having a foreclosure, your lender has the possibility to comply with modifying a few of the terms on your loan, or all of the terms.