The Florida Foreclosure Process - What You Need to Know

The Florida Foreclosure Process - What You Need to Know

By Claire Gray
On 30 Sep, 2016

    Almost 10 years after the devastating real estate crash in Miami, many residents still see the ghosts of that time in their neighborhoods in the abandoned homes everywhere.

    Caused by the nightmarish economic recession which had the nation in its grip, unforeseen financial circumstances found many residents losing their homes. We like to think the worst is behind us, and then it happens: you are late making a mortgage payment.

    As your lender’s collections efforts become more aggressive, you ask yourself: “Do I need foreclosure defense?” A foreclosure attorney in Miami, like the experienced team at the Gallardo Law Firm, can advise you on your legal options.

    The foreclosure attorneys at the Gallardo Law Firm suggest you consider:

    • A foreclosure is a kind of lawsuit filed by a lender against a borrower who has defaulted on their mortgage payments.
    • Most mortgage agreements give the lender the right to call the balance on your home loan as soon as you miss ONE payment
    • Call an experienced foreclosure attorney from Miami as soon as you default to review your unique situation and discuss the options available to you.

    Know your options; contact the Gallardo Law Firm and find the right foreclosure attorney in Miami.