Your will be immediately revoked and you will be remanded to jail.
It depends whether you are on misdemeanor probation or felony probation.
First of all, you need to provide the probation officer with details of the emergency and verification of the trip as soon as possible. Then, you must look for approval. If you are in good standing, the decision may be favorable for you before and after the fact.
You attend a hearing when you are charged with a violation of process giving you the opportunity to be heard. You may represent yourself or be represented by an attorney. The District Attorney representing the State and the probation officer and any witness will present the case. The Defense attorney has the right to examine the evidences and present witnesses. After both parties preset their cases, the judge will decide whether there has been a probation violation or not. If the judge has found the defendant has violated probation then the sentence will be given.
Violation of probation may lead to revocation of probation to prison. The judge may sentence the defendant to serve up to twelve months in the county jail, up to six months in the Probation Detention Center. In addition, the court may order the defendant to follow special conditions such as counseling programs and so forth.
You have a probation officer assigned who you should contact and report any change in job status or place for living, and request permission to travel out of the state. You should follow all the instructions to report. In the event you fail to comply, your case will be returned to court for a violation hearing.
You need to transfer your supervision to the state you are moving. The officer will give you permission and explain requirements for the relocation of your probation supervision to the new state.