This generally doesnt happen but its possible. When you submit your U visa application, immigration will have your address and itll be easy for them to find you. In the event this happens, call your attorney immediately to see your options. You can also get the approval of your U visa even after deportation. Although we dont see this happening, remember that you are in the United States illegally therefore you are at risk of being deported any time.
Protective orders are good as they can stop the abuser from contacting, attacking, assaulting, and telephoning you or other family members. You dont have to be a citizen or permanent resident in order to request these. Besides this prospective order, you can also ask for child custody, child support, and expel the abuser from your home.
There are a couple of things you can do as you wait: Not leaving the country. Dont commit any crimes. Be an active participant in your community. Notify your U visa attorney immediately if you make any changes or if you have any questions or concerns.
This generally takes about a year and a half but this is just an estimate and not a guarantee. For instance, Form I-918 may take a different time to be processed depending on your particular case. Also, the USCIS may request additional information, which will put your file on hold and consequently delay the process.
You must gather a few things before the interview: Passport: This must be a valid passport to travel in the U.S for at least half a year after your period of stay. When there are more people in your passport, each person will have to submit a separate application. Form DS-160 of the Nonimmigrant Visa Application. If you are required to pay before the interview, bring the application fee receipt. Photo: You can upload your picture when completing the Form online. When this fails, then you must bring a printed photo with the photographs requirements specified on the government site. Notice of action: That is form I-797 showing approval of a U nonimmigrant petition.
The consular officer will determine if you are qualified to receive the visa during the interview. Also, which category is suitable depending on the reasons why you travel. You will have to establish that you meet all the legal requirements to receive the visa. There will be digital fingerprinting, depending on the location where you go for the interview. You may also need further administrative processing after the interview for which you will be notified by a consular officer.
Processing times can vary. However, you may expect to receive a decision within the next six to twelve months. USCIS doesnt like to publish its processing times probably due to each case being different, some taking longer than others.
Individuals applying for the U visa, that is the main applicants, will be able to obtain a work permit right after the visa is approved. The derivative U visa applicants will have a work permit together with the I-918A Form. Derivative applicants may choose to file the I-795 Form after the U visa has been approved, at any time throughout its validity.