The Visa is an identification document issued in the country of origin at the embassy or consulate of the United States and allows entry to U.S. temporarily or permanently. There are two main types of visa, immigrant visa which is what allows you to live and work permanently in the United States and the non immigrant visa only allows you to live and work for a certain time in the United States.
The Immigrant Visa gives you the opportunity to apply for permanent residence (Green Card). Meanwhile, most non-immigrant visa allows you to live or work in the United States for a specific period of time with a specific purpose.
You must change the appointment by contacting the call center of the embassy or consulate of the United States.
Consular officers are responsible for processing visas for applicants who qualify under the law. If you are refused a visa you can apply for a special permit if it is accepted by the consular officer.
For space restrictions, they only accept the person being interviewed. Only in case of minors or elderly disabled family entry will be allowed. Advisors, attorneys or other representatives will not be allowed to enter.
It is required to perform a thorough background check of all persons applying for a visa, for this reason they will take the fingerprints of all ten fingers to applicants.
Yes, it is. The minute you receive the new one, the old one becomes invalid.
No, they are not allowed to work; instead they can study at Academic Institutions.