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Civil litigation attorneys can effectively serve and protect their clients’ interests. They explore all means of resolving disputes and hold your interests as their own. A Civil litigation attorney Miami will invest the necessary time figuring out the root of the problem and resolving the matter before trial. That is the hallmark of effective litigation, to trace the most useful strategies for case resolution.

You have the right to pursue monetary damages for any unlawful activity through civil litigation. Individuals and businesses alike should be held liable for their actions. However, lawsuits can be time-consuming so it might take a while before you can resolve your case. When faced with these situations, it is essential you hire the best litigation defense. A Civil litigation attorney Miami can be both a protector and an advisor. He or she can explain the legal options available for your particular case, identify and overcome obstacles, and pursue damages on your behalf.

Whether you want to find out more about civil cases, civil disputes, contractual disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, or any other important aspect of civil courts, in this article you will find the answers you seek. You will also learn about commercial litigation, civil rights litigation, construction law disputes, alternative dispute resolution, real estate litigation, and the essential steps in a civil suit process. You will realize that hiring a civil litigation attorney Miami is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your business.

What is a civil case?

A civil case is when parties are involved in a legal dispute. For a civil action to begin, the disputant must first file a complaint. The complaint includes a description of damages or injury and the manner in which the defendant produced harm. The plaintiff can seek monetary compensations for the harm or request that the conduct stops. Other types of relief are also available as ordered by the court.

Civil disputes our civil litigation attorneys can handle

Our civil litigation attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm represent clients in South Florida. If you have a civil litigation matter to attend to, our attorneys will endeavor to help you recover any injuries or harm caused by another party.

Contractual disputes

Contracts are the foundation of many companies and corporations. If something is wrong in your contract, you may need experienced legal intervention. At Gallardo Law Firm, we have several civil litigation attorneys prepared to handle contractual disputes quickly and efficiently, always protecting our clients’ best interests. We understand that creating a contract can be a lengthy process and arguments can happen at any time. With informed advice, you can navigate any contract dispute cases with ease and resolve some of the most common categories of contractual disputes, including:

  • Disagreements or problems when drafting or reviewing the contract.
  • Mistakes related to contract terms.
  • Discrepancies and misunderstandings related to technical terms.
  • Fraud and coercion

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Disputes between landlords and tenants can vary. From problems with rent payments, repairs, and eviction, it is crucial you are informed of your rights as a tenant or landlord. If you have tried to resolve a dispute with the landlord over damages to no avail, you may have to take it further, file a lawsuit or fair housing complaint, and hire experienced eviction defense. Whether you are a tenant or landlord, a civil litigation attorney Miami can help you review the terms of your lease and protect your rights under the agreement and help you reach a landlord-tenant settlement agreement. Some of the most commonly litigated issues include:

  • Non-payment of rent – There are times when tenants don’t pay the rent because they believe landlords have not fulfilled their obligations. These landlord-tenant disputes generally involve uncompleted repairs, which should be included in the lease agreement. However, there are times when both parties can’t agree on the terms of the agreement so they may need to litigate the issue. The same things can happen when paying your property taxes.
  • Evictions – Landlords can evict tenants for several reasons including failing to pay the rent or remaining on the property after the lease expires. But there are times when the tenant was evicted improperly. In the state of Florida, the landlord must give a three-day notice before filing an eviction complaint related to non-payment of rent, and a fifteen-day notice for all other cases. The tenant must respond in five days otherwise the eviction is granted by the court. An eviction attorney Miami can explain in more details what the available options are. With good eviction defense, you will find out the reasons why you should not be evicted.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Entering into shareholder or partnership agreements is an essential part of your business foundation. The primary goal is making your company grow. However, sometimes there are disagreements between management and shareholders. These disputes can be costly and stop your business from reaching its potential. An experienced civil litigation attorney at Gallardo Law Firm can protect your rights and assist you in resolving your dispute.

Commercial Litigation

Perhaps your business is struggling with a commercial litigation issue. Going through a lawsuit can be difficult since these civil law cases often involve a breach of contract, commercial disputes among shareholders, and ownership of multiple businesses, leading to much confusion and impartiality. It is imperative you seek guidance from a civil litigation attorney Miami. A civil attorney with experience in business law and commercial litigation can protect you and your business from the claims of others.

Civil rights litigation

Civil rights defense is a complicated area of law necessitating an in-depth knowledge of civil rights laws. These claims often involve unconstitutional policies, cruel and unusual punishment, which requires an understanding of the legal system, responsibilities of law enforcement, and a sense of justice and discretion. At Gallardo Law Firm we are dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of victims of discrimination, police brutality, wrongful conviction, false arrests, among others.

Construction Law Dispute

Construction projects can be stressful involving several parties, from landlords and contractors to suppliers and builders. All these people work together to complete the project promptly and within the budget. But some deeper issues may arise that require legal intervention. Sometimes even small delays in a construction project can lead to construction contract disputes and cause a significant financial impact on both owners and contractors. While some construction disputes can be resolved among these parties, there are times when a civil litigation attorney is needed to determine who is responsible for the delay and whether it is excusable. Inexcusable delays are compensated accordingly based on the extra costs incurred.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Among the most popular alternative dispute resolution options you will find mediation, arbitration, and settlement negotiations. Arbitration is when the parties agree that their dispute will be resolved by neutral arbitrators rather than the judge or jury. Mediation, on the other hand, involves a mediator who will assist the parties in understanding the benefits and drawbacks of litigation or arbitration and the options available to reach an amicable resolution in the civil suit process. Settlement negotiations involve discussions about alternatives for settlement with the opposing side.

Real estate litigation

Real estate litigation involves property buyers, sellers, mortgage companies, contractors, and any other party involved in residential and commercial real estate issues. Much real estate litigation can be avoided by consulting with a real estate attorney before signing the contract. A real estate litigation lawyer can review the documents and help prevent financial losses and lawsuits. However, there are times when some issues may arise that require the intervention of a civil litigation attorney. Most real estate litigation is caused by a breach of contract, which occurs when one of the parties breaks the agreement.

Civil Litigation, Arbitration, and trials

  • Civil litigation – Two or more parties get involved in a legal dispute seeking monetary compensation or another particular action instead of criminal sanctions. They will take it to court and have the judge or jury decide the matter.
  • Arbitration – A private process where one or a few persons makes decisions about the dispute after obtaining evidence and hearing arguments. Arbitration can be binding and non-binding. Binding means that the decision is final and non-binding means that the decision is final as long as accepted by the parties.
  • Trials – During the trial, the judge will take a look at the evidence and determine whether the defendant is responsible for the damages.

Basic steps in the civil suit process

The court handles the civil suit process based on non-criminal laws. Individuals as well as groups, and businesses can file small claims or complex litigation that involves multiple parties. Some of the commons steps in this process include:

  • Pleadings – This is when each party submits the required documents. The plaintiff will bring on a lawsuit, and the defendant will respond by submitting a reply.
  • Discovery – This step involves both parties gathering as much information as possible to support their arguments. The process can be very long, but it is crucial to make a solid case.
  • Trial – There are times when the dispute is not resolved out of court, and the parties will move to trial and present their arguments and evidence to the judge or jury. Once the verdict is made, a party may choose to challenge it.
  • Appeal – A party or civil litigation attorney can appeal the decision and present a civil lawsuit to an appellate court that will review prior proceedings and form an opinion that either affirms the verdict or reverses the verdict and orders a new trial.

Contact a Civil litigation attorney Miami you can trust

At Gallardo Law Firm we work tirelessly to serve our clients. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of civil case matters. A civil litigation attorney Miami can give you the personalized attention you deserve and maximize the benefits you receive. We will begin by providing litigation advice and taking a closer look at your specific situation so that you can achieve the best outcome. Whether you are a corporation, small business, family or individual, we are always prepared to handle your civil litigation. Contact us today to discuss your options and determine the best course of action.

Civil law is the law branch that covers disputes between individuals and organizations. In civil law cases, instead of punishing the wrongdoer, the victim receives compensation from the individual, group, or company causing such harm.
The plaintiff and defendant are the two main parties in a civil suit. The plaintiff is the person or entity bringing the lawsuit and the defendant is the one being sued.
The Statute of Limitations is the time in which the case must be filed, which can vary from case to case, and it can be extended in some specific situations. It is important you consult a civil litigation attorney to determine your limitation period.
Some parties may want to reduce the expenses and delay accompanying litigation, and may choose other alternatives such as negotiation, mediation, mini-trials, binding arbitration, among others. While many of these alternatives are quite similar, there are specific differences between them, therefore, you should consult an alternative dispute resolution attorney.
These two legal terms have different meanings. Mediation is voluntary and it involves a mediator assisting both parties in reaching a settlement. The mediator will explain the alternatives available but will not impose a solution to the dispute. Arbitration, on the other hand, involves a third party who will decide the case.
First, the defendant will find out what are the reasons why he or she is being sued for and when the complaint is due. There are only 30 days to give an answer to a complaint. You should hire a civil attorney immediately since you don’t have much time to respond.
The main documents you need to bring are the summons and complaint. Sometimes these documents have errors that my cause your case to be dismissed. Other important documents included in civil law cases are electronic communications. It is important to consider the sequence of events since it can be tempting to lie. You can also create a list of potential witnesses that may know about what happened.
Only one person can speak and address the judge or the other parties present. You should be respectful at all times and address the judge as “Your Honor.”