Donald Trump Immigration Plan New Twist- His Meeting with Mexico’s President

Donald Trump Immigration Plan New Twist- His Meeting with Mexico’s President

By Emma Johnson
On 01 Sep, 2016

    Donald Trump has come a long way on his immigration policy. He has tried to soften his immigration views but sooner or later he shows his real face. One day he is in Mexico meeting with the president and acting friendly and on the next day he reinforces his radical immigration plan. Donald Trump immigration plan includes increasing the number of immigration agents to handle illegal immigrants, and build a wall on the southern border, which he plans Mexico to pay for.

    The presidential candidate recently met with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss his immigration plan. Peña made it very clear that Mexico will not finance the wall, which makes total sense because this is all part of Donald Trump immigration plan. Trump told a reporter he didn’t mention the payment of the wall during the meeting. According to him, this is something they plan to discuss in the future.

    Peña Nieto had invited both presidential candidates and Donald Trump had accepted the invitation first. The Mexican president made it very clear the reasons why he met with Trump were:

    • He wanted to tell Trump Mexico was feeling very hurt because of the negative comments Trump had made about Mexican immigrants. He also told the candidate that Mexicans are honest and hard-working people that value family and culture. Mexico is not only a neighboring country but also an ally and Trump has not been treating the nation as such since the beginning of his presidential campaign. Donald Trump seemed to have reacted positively.
    • He also told Trump about commerce between both countries. The USA exports annually about $200 million to Mexico and around 6 million employees in USA depend on it.
    • Lastly, the Mexican president wanted to express his desire to protect all Mexicans, their legal rights, and dignity wherever they are.

    But the whole thing actually ended up in more humiliation for the Mexicans as Trump didn’t apologize for calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists and he also repeated his promise to build the wall. The visit was definitely not a negotiation as both parties have different opinions on the subject. Peña, who has a low 23% approval rating, had faced criticism for inviting Trump. He praised Donald Trump for the constructive conversation they had. Later on speaking at the podium Trump described illegal immigrants in a more humane tone. He also praised first, second, and third-generation Mexicans, something untypical of him.

    American citizens have mixed views on Donald trump’s immigration plan. Elections are tight this year. Polls currently show Hillary Clinton is over two-point ahead of Trump in the presidential race. Mexico’s president unpopular status may change if Trump wins the 2016 elections but nobody knows how the whole thing will turn out. Contact Gallardo Law Firm if you are looking for an immigration attorney in the Miami area.